Another brief hiatus


RedEyeCat will be doing a Christmas in July theme, so I’m off to work on that. Not much else will be happening here over the next few months. Maybe little things, for when I get antsy and need a break.

That’s Santa Dawn wearing Dusk’s default texture, CoolTuna’s M4 Hipster Glasses, and Pendraia’s freebie shorts for Dawn, all while lounging on the Steamer Chair (a long-extinct DAZ freebie.) Tropicals from Lisa’s Botanicals. The Gumdrops snowball prop made into a sandman, with PhilC’s conch for a nose, the TransPond Starfish for eyes, the lei from elleque’s Sadie Hula Girls, and Xaa’s Bird’s Nest Hat. Simple Sand Prop from ShareCG. Gradient landscape and Flaming Pear’s Flood for the background. Postworked in Topaz Lab’s Simplify.

Limited Time Freebie: M4 Hero Pack Bundle

Whoa. M4 Hero Pack bundle! For folks who don’t have M4’s Morphs ++ yet, here’s a chance to get them. I have no idea how long this deal will last, but I wouldn’t delay. There is a lot you can do for M4 with just the Morphs ++ package. For example:

He’s wearing the Beck M4 texture, which is also in this bundle.



I’d bought most everything already, but I didn’t have Epsilon (it’s been in and out of my cart more times than I can count), the Jamie Hair (also for V4), and the M4 Texture 02.


A mommy brag post, totally unrelated to anything DAZ or Poser, but I must do it. I think it’s part of the mom job description. :P

My son, Jerott, had his commencement ceremony yesterday evening. He now has his Masters of Science in Biotechnology. As he might say, “Yaasss!”

With the girlfriend, before the ceremony
Receiving the “diploma” (the real one arrives in a few weeks in the mail)
The Class of 2015 getting lots of deserved applause
The whole Class of 2015

He’s also attending the big ceremony at UW’s Camp Randall Stadium today, and I think they narrowly missed being rained upon. Beyond that, I believe there will be much partying the rest of the weekend!

Things I’ve forgotten I’ve bought

Such as Designfera’s Photoshop Action script Energy Field Maker, picked up way back in February of 2008.

I tried to give my urban shaman a bat that transforms into a magical staff thingamajig…it’s a work in progress

It’s sparkly! I like sparkly things, so why did I forget I had this? Who knows.

The script creates the effect on a transparent background along with a black background layer, for easy copying to other backgrounds. There are multiple effect options, each with a “random” button. It’s pretty easy to use too.

I’ve decided to put myself on a content purchasing moratorium through the end of the summer, mostly in an effort to force myself to properly learn DS4 and to actually render the many (and often forgotten!) items I’ve already bought.

(The exceptions to this moratorium are new figures I want, like Star’s male counterpart Steel and Hivewire’s new baby Luna. Also, if DAZ should, for some crazy reason, put Darius, Monique, Lee and/or Mei Lin on sale for $10 or under, I’d be an idiot not to grab them. The latter is unlikely, so I’m probably in no danger there.)


HiveWire’s April Sale

Another nice sale — 50% off selected store items through April 30th. I cleared out a few horsey items from my wishlist: the HW Horse, Draft Horse, Toon Horse, Toon Horse Poses, and the Red Dunskin texture. I really like that toon horse. I’d often considered buying Tumbleweed from DAZ, but now I’m glad I didn’t because the HW Toon Horse better suits my needs. I wouldn’t mind a more toony-looking mane and tail though.

somebody’s gonna get his butt bit…or kicked

Finally got around to using the Grass Shader and Konrad. Love this shader; I think I’ll revisit some older saved renders that would benefit from better-looking grass than what was available way back when. In the meantime, I’ve started a scene with my new draft horse. I’ve stuffed Geraint back into the Milanese armor set and given him an apple to feed his war horse, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Love that armor, but posing it can be a bit tedious. And I still have to come up with a scene to put them in.

Hoping HiveWire releases a selection of horse gear, including a war set for the draft horse. I imagine fitting the old Mil Horse stuff to the HW Horse would be a pain.

While DAZ sales strategies are not my favorite, I did manage to find three things to buy from the latest Genesis “blowout” sale — such hard work, ha! But I needed 1) Dress Shoes to go with Kang1hyun’s suit set for Genesis, 2) pose sets are always useful because I like to avoid making poses whenever possible (lazy, lazy!), and 3) after all the fun I’ve had this past week with fitting clones, I finally picked up the Gen3 Iconic Shapes for Genesis bundle. It was cheaper to go that route, even if I don’t have Freak 3 or Stephanie Petite 3 installed.

Now I can use one of my favorite M3 outfits on M5 (the CrossDresser conversion for M4 had problems.) And because G1 is so versatile, I can use it on V5 too:

sky-merc-m3-to-m5 sky-merc-m3-to-v5

Daedalus Sky Mercenary is such a great outfit; I wonder why there were never any texture add-ons for it? The entire Daedalus line of outfits for the Mil3 figures is equally nice, and now I have even more of a reason to pick up a couple more. Like Primo Gentry H3, and Sky Command for both A3 and H3.

With a little extra texture love, older products can still be very useful.

So far, most of the older H3 stuff has converted nicely to G1 (except anything with skirts, ugh):


The TOA ArabianNites H3 set converted particularly well, even the pointy-toed shoes. Konrad’s also wearing Space Marine for M3 (shoulder plates got a little bendy on that one and glove poke-through I forgot to fix) and The Scout for M3. Sorry about the goggles on the latter; I posed him before I fit the goggles to him and then forgot to adjust for that.

I have lots of cute outfits for A3 from Renderosity and RuntimeDNA, and most of them fit pretty well on Hitomi too.

The fitting clones are, for me, preferable to using CrossDresser if only because I’m not stuck with new obj/cr2 files that are often very large, and that’s not even accounting for the weight mapping issue.

Dusk M4 clone pose



Usage: Unrestricted use.

Required: Create a V4 Clone for Dawn Tutorial (DS4 only)

 Info: Dusk/M4 alignment pose for use with the tutorial. Not perfect, but it gets the job done. Feel free to modify or improve upon it. If you do so, please let me know!

Re: the Xurge3D sets in the above example, I had to hide body parts for both Dawn and Dusk, but I frequently do this with V4 and M4, too, and they’re the figures these suits were made for. I corrected some chest distortions in PSP.

My advice is to use poses and body shapes that aren’t extreme, poses that don’t distort the chest/neck area too much, and resign yourself to doing a little postwork. For PSP users, the warp brush tool is your friend. Same goes for the liquify tool in PS.

Credits: coflek-gnorg’s spaceship segments (I forget which ones; I use saved scenes of connected sections I made years ago); KiriTe Hair II, Daria for Dawn, Zac Hair, GearHeadset M4, A.T.A.C.S. Suit M4, and A.T.A.C.S. Suit for V4.