Sticky: Christmas in July

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa’s little tropical hideaway

Because some parts of the world don’t have snow during their holiday season. This theme kicks off in July, but one gift grab bag is a little early.

Edited to add: Last year’s Summer Solstice freebie lists have a lot of beach-related props and clothing that would be useful for this theme.

Credits: Aged for V4/M4, Stylin M4, All Time Hair, Mitch Hair, top from Shirt Set for V4, Kirwin’s Shorts V4 (no longer available), FB Add-On hat and sandals, Rustic Shack, Palm Trees, Tropicals, Hanging Plants, Lawn Ornaments, DNA Multi Wreath, Santa Hat, Holiday Lights, Holiday Bulbs, Flagstone Paths, Grass One, Picket Fence Kit, Mil Cat, Letters & Numbers, Rocking Chair, and curtains from an old DAZ Christmas PA Freebie, Holiday Room, which is no longer available. Background image from Pixabay.

Police Uniforms

For those who might be unaware of it,  Content Paradise has a couple nice-looking police uniforms for Miki 2 and the G2Males. They convert okay to V4, M4, and Genesis.

mik2cl_CP-Police Clothing jamcl_SM-G2M Police

Prices are reasonable; I think I bought both on sale. A couple older test renders:

miki2-police-v4 miki2-police-david5

The Miki 2 set on V4 and David 5. Not a 100% perfect conversion and I could’ve better fit the shoulder radio thing, but good enough for test render purposes. I recall the set for the G2 Males had issues on converting to M4, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some tweaks and/or a minimal amount of postwork.

Christmas in July: Dawn Beach Wear


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dawn’s String Bikini (comes with Dawn) and/or Dawn’s Pleated Skirt

Info: Textures to turn Dawn’s string bikini and pleated skirt into festive beach wear.

BTW, Dusk is going to be a bit late. Still working on some of the details for his board shorts. I got a little frustrated with my shortcomings in texturing and took a break to regenerate the creative spark. Hopefully I’ll have him up by the end of the week.

Christmas in July: Luna Diaper Covers


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Diaper from Baby Luna

Info: A little textures set — just three — to turn Luna’s cloth diaper into a tropically festive diaper cover with Velcro fasteners.

Important: You need to hide the left and right diaper pins in the scene tab before rendering. Turning opacity off for the pin and pin head in the surface materials tab still doesn’t hide them. Alas, I don’t know how to make those “Hide XX” presets.  :?