2018 Weekly Render: Week #06


Lee 7, Nomad G3, Let It Snow by DesignAnvil, an old free katana by Arki (I think it’s Arki; I have no idea where I found this one), Rons Blood, Rons Magical SnowLet It Snow by coflek-gnorg, Sunlight DS lights, and some freebie fog and snow overlays.

I really like the Nomad outfit, even if it is Iray only, but I wish the parka closed and there was a hood up/hood down morph option.

Fortunately the idea was rear view from the start.

Ran into an odd problem with the Let It Snow geoshells on the pants and boots. The hat, parka, and gloves worked fine, but the pants and boots resulted in a bunch of…bubble-like things.

Still working on the next theme post…


Dieselpunk/Retro Futurism: Weapons & Transport

Spacey Sadie with the Lab108 raygun

Commercial weaponry I own:

01. Classic Rayguns; 02. XO SWAT Weapons Unit; 03. WWII Submachine Guns

Okay, so I only own one raygun set but it’s perfectly classic!

One I don’t own:

Grease Monkey Weapons

There are lots of old military-style weapons, free as well as commercial, but probably should be more rayguns. These are often included in commercial outfit sets, which is a whole ‘nother post, but let me know if I’ve missed a stand-alone set.

Breaking down the transport into flying and non-flying, with a few reference images first:

Flying Machine Transport I own:


01. Vacuum Zeppelin ; 02. Retro and Junkyard Jetpacks; 03. Air-Worlds; 04. Rocketship Mongo (not available) ; 05. Steam Aircraft Dragon; 06. Zeppelin Star; 07. Skyship Avrora; 08. Greyling UFO

The Vacuum Zeppelin is on clearance at Renderosity, so it could disappear at any time. Rocketship Mongo was an old Platinum Club rocket that’s been vaulted, but included here for those who might’ve forgotten they bought it. That Greyling UFO used to be free at RDNA. 😕

Non-Flying Machine Transport I own:


01. 1920s Motorcycle; 02. Air Bike; 03. Pickup Dred; 04. Quad Tank; 05. The Drill Tank; 06. A Curious Bus; 07. R75 Motorcycle; 08. Spirit of Punk; 09. Bus Rex; 10. Car Victoria

That Quad Tank almost qualifies as a battle mech. All those cars, trucks, and buses are are included for use with this product:


Anti-Gravity Lift – Attaches to most vehicles, with length and width adjustments. DS Iray only, but it’s a prop so easy enough to adjust surface materials to 3DL.

Flying transport I don’t own (yet):


01. Toon Rocket and Moonscape; 02. Anti-Gravity Office Space; 03. DieselPunk Caravan Food Truck; 04. DieselPunk Gas Station; 05. DieselPunk Space Aola; 06. Airship Cabin; 07. Airship Hull; 08. Skycruiser Albatross; 09. Pulsar Hover Rod; 10. Lamda State Wagon; 11. Old Dakota; 12. Fokker DR; 13. Flying Wing; 14. Rocketship; 15. Grumman Goose; 16. German-D; 17. UFO; 18; Retro Rock-It; 19. Art Deco Airship; 20. Sparrowhawk Gunboat; 21. Kalinin K-7; 22. Rocketship X1; 23. Dirgible Perun; 24/25. Scrapper Vehicle

The Technophelia Retro Rock-It comes with bubble space helmets and rayguns. The Daedalus Scrapper has hood ornaments! I’m not 100% certain they’re separate object files, but if they can be swapped around, they probably are. If so, they could even be scaled up as building ornaments.

Non-flying transport I don’t own (yet):


01. Bus Pegasus; 02. Motorbike ZAZ; 03. Bus Maxis; o4. Immortal Elegance; 05. 1936 AM Sedan; 06. Tram Line; 07. Hiawatha Train for Vue; 08. ATSF Super Chief Bundle; 09. R75 Motorcyle Plus

The Hiawatha/Super Chief train vendor has lots of old vehicles; check out the Tucker! I don’t own Vue so am unlikely to buy the Hiawatha, but including it for folks who do use Vue. The R75 Motorcyle Plus is a prop add-on for the motorcycle.

I mostly included stuff that’s in my wishlist or seemed particularly interesting. Old-ish vehicles and weapons are popular, and there are way more products available than I can link. Please take a look at the catalogs of these vendors for more ideas:

* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/coflek-gnorg
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/Cybertenko
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/pamawo
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/1971s
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/Simon-3D
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/kanaa
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/adh3d
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/3DClassics
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/DreamlandModels
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/BlueTreeStudio
* https://www.daz3d.com/the-antfarm
* https://www.daz3d.com/moebius87
* https://www.daz3d.com/nightshift3d

Again, I’m sure there are vendors I’m missing; suggestions welcome!

Freebies inside…

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2018 Weekly Render: Week 06

Busy this week so the rendering idea was a bit rushed. And kinda simple…

Hades & Persephone

Still have a theme post to do and some comments to catch up on. Will be back!

Oh, and this was G2F/G2M, the latter wearing an M4 texture, a Genesis outfit, and a Genesis hair prop. The former wearing a V4 outfit (not that it’s visible) and parts of another V4 outfit, but she is wearing G2F hair and textures for a change. 😛

Edited to add that while this week’s render is kind of “meh,” I did play around a little with the plain test images.

I knew I was going to do only hands but I put everyone in hair and clothes anyway. Don’t know why; maybe I’m just weird that way.

G2M is wearing an older M4 texture set called Malgedar, which used to be at Philosopher’s Egg. (I think she cleared out most of her older character sets that aren’t critter hybrids.) Anyway, he’s entirely black, which lends itself to some interesting results when using the Screen layer setting:

It’s Galaxy Man! He looked more like this before:

He’s wearing Jordan Hair for Genesis/M4 and the Dragon Rage outfit. Made uses of some of the Creature Creator G2M hand dials — there’s one for a Witch that makes hands a little longer and bonier looking. The fire rain is a prop by coflek-gnorg over at Renderosity.

G2F ended up upside down by the time I was done with her, poor thing.

Joequick released a set of free head morphs for G2F called extraOrdinary Girls — they’re not glamour model types, but they’re interesting faces. I combined a few of them here. She’s wearing StudioArtVartanian’s Electra Outfit for V4.

Rain of Petals and Rose armlets/bracelets linked here. I bought PixiePerfect Hair with this weekend’s $5 off DAZ Originals; it comes with a rose wreath for the hair. I can’t remember which G2F texture I used, but it had a tattoo of butterflies all down one arm.

Dieselpunk/Retro Futurism: Tech & Robots

A few images I saved that cover a decent spectrum of styles:

Again, there is likely a lot of suitable links I’m missing so please feel free to suggest additions in the comments. There are some repeats from the Harlem Renaissance and Space Day 01 / Space Day 02 themes from a few years back.

Obvious tip: Retexturing near everything chrome is a quick and easy way to achieve peak retro futurism. Anyone have any favorite chrome or metal materials to share? Free or commercial.

Robots & Mechs I own:


01. WorkBot; 02. Steampunk Guardian; 03. D-Bot (unavailable); 04. D-Spot (unavailable); 05. D-Claws & D-Squeek; 06. Evo Girl; 07. Andromeda (free add-ons); 08. C.I.M.A.U.; 09. Cyber-Arm Extender; 10. M.A.G.2 Robotic Arm; 11. Technophelia Retro – Halon; 12. Technophelia Retro – Cyber Chic

The last two are clothes/accessories but for this purpose they fall under “build-your-own-gynoid.” Of course some props work for males too — I just don’t know the dude equivalent for gynoid. 😀

D-Bot and D-Spot (there was also a kid-sized D-Brat) are great retro futuristic robots; too bad DAZ vaulted them. D-Claw and D-Squeak are still in the store, though. I included D-Bot and D-Spot because old timers like me might’ve forgotten they bought them.

D-Brat, D-Bot, and D-Spot…gone but not forgotten!

It would seem I have no retro mechs or battle suits. I must remedy this!

Robots & Mechs I don’t own (yet):


01. Pin-Up Gynoid Phase 8 (she also has a charging station!); 02. Aurora Bot; 03. Helper Bot; 04. Mini Bots; 05. Great Greymalkin Robot; 06. Heavy Powersuit; 07. Haystack; 08. Aikobot Maria; 09. Alien Guard; 10. Centurian A.D.; 11. Dystopian Drone Trooper; 12. Vintage Robot; 13. Battlebot; 14. ML Bot; 15. Dystopian Worker Drone; 16. PR-4U; 17. Robo Buds; 18. Stellar League Body Tank; 19. Super D-Bot; 20. Grrrl: RoboGrrrl; 21. Midnight Rocketeer

A few of these are toonish, but they work well with retro futuristic themes (and The Jetsons look.) I don’t know if Super D-Bot requires the original D-Bot; it doesn’t say on the store page but it might be an omission. Robogrrrl! is a set of props like electric eye beams and sonic hearing waves; they should be easy enough to fit to other figures. The last one, again, falls under BYOG.

To me, dieselpunk robots and mechs look interchangeable with dystopian ones, as long as the emphasis is a heavily industrial military aesthetic. Lots of Soviet-era military influence too.

Retro Tech I own (not weapons or vehicles):


01. WWII Radios; 02. Vintage Radio; 03. Communications Gear; 04. Odysseon Station Computer Room; 05. Sci-Fi Control Panels; 06. Electro Apparati (not available)

Dystopian tech works for dieselpunk and it would work pretty well for retro futuristic too if you chrome it up. The Electro Apparati set didn’t make the transition from RDNA to DAZ, but again, old timers might have forgotten they bought it.

Retro Tech I don’t own (yet):


01. Ham Radio Equipment; 02. Vintage Tech; 03. Vintage Spy Kit; 04. Madlab-4; 05. Vintage TV; 06. Vintage Television Sets; 07. Vintage Television; 08. Odysseon Station Security Checkpoint; 09. Rybolt Mechanical; 10. Retro Sci-Fi Star Ship Bridge; 11. Portrait Vignettes Sci-Fi 2

Some of these are whole environments but they’re tied to the tech props, so I included them here.

Also, if you happen to own the old AeroDoll: Flightsuit for Aiko 3, the outfit comes with a retro space backdrop, though I guess it could be nautical too:

Freebies inside…

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Design Cuts Friday Freebie, Arabella 7

Design Cuts – Shells Vintage Color Illustrations

Pretty! These are free for a short time only. Registration required.

Operation Isabella 7, Part 02! Got her lips to look less goopy so now I have a material preset called No Goopy Lips. I also think I like her more in someone else’s skins. I gave her a test in 5 Days of Ravage V4, which I picked up some time back, and also the newly acquired Endora V4:

Also, I’m delighted to see that my dial morph Oksana V4 ended up in the Renderosity newsletter, and a couple of my renders made the HiveWire newsletters. 😀 Squee!!!

I’ve been thinking about uploading to Renderosity galleries again. It’s been years since I’ve done so, but now there are reward points for uploads and my Rendo wishlist is two pages long…

Back to the retro tech and robots post I’m working on — it takes a little while to assemble all this. And invariably, I find something I missed that should go in the previous listing post, ha!