Sticky: Halloween Link Potpourri


Halloween 2016 – “Brooms are so last year….”

Going to sticky this post in anticipation of more 2016 Halloween goodies, here as well as elsewhere. While the bountiful Halloween freebie fests of past years are mostly a fond memory for us old-timers, there are still places to peruse:

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Honored blog visitors! Did you find any Halloween treasures from last year — or even earlier — that you’d like to share? DS/Poser, textures, backgrounds, PS filters, fonts, etc. Let me know in the comments and I’ll add links to this post.

I downloaded these:

props-toon-pumpkin scene_evil-tree-scene figures-halloween-junky-jack

Tweety’s Pumpkin Toon (about halfway down the page; click on the little pumpkin image), Luxxeon’s Evil Tree Full Scene, and elleque’s Junky Jack.

There may have been more, but this is what I remember at the moment.

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  • Sep 27: Will suggests RenderCandy’s free Halloween-ish textures for V4/A4: Ghoul and Kiko. Kiko comes with several zombie poses and a freaky expression. A couple quick renders:

ghoulv4 kikov4

I quite like Ghoul.😛 She comes with a second makeup option and Kiko also comes with a normal skin tone as well as quite a few makeup and eye color options.

New Halloween freebie at Renderosity: Hell-O-Ween Candy, which includes candy corn and gummy worms!


The Jack-O-Lantern shown is also in the freebies section. FYI, the file paths for the textures were incorrect (an extra file folder was added) and will need to be corrected.

Scaled up the candy corn for Yweeb to do some interpretive dance thing:


With this prop, perhaps I can kit-bash my own version of a zombie candy corn

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More updates inside:

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WIP: Last minute Halloween party costume



Inspired by this image by nitchzombie at Deviantart.

I’m using a free sign by Most Digital Creations, resized and retextured (eight mouths, though one is just a mustache.) I was aiming for posterboard stapled to a cardboard handle. The prop loads roughly to the right hand so it isn’t too hard to pose. I might try and make a few basic poses anyway, but it depends on time. Got busy again…

I’d hoped to get these done this weekend but the hubby just sprang a family fish-fry on me tonight, scheduled for this Sunday, so probably won’t get it done until next week instead. I’m close to finishing them up, though, so it won’t be too long.

Add bunny or cat ears, devil horns, or some ridiculous hat and it would make a pretty good Halloween costume for when your significant other springs an event on you at the last minute.😕


Never Return



DNA Store

The end is nigh….

I see some of the items I’ve made freebies for are likely to go away and so — if you don’t already have them — now might be a good time to pick up Mike’s Tiki Bar and the Plushie Revisited dress.

I picked up:

jezebeth-promo1 dem4_main syydsmall everafter_marymain felicitafiorello-mainpromo

Got Jezebeth because I needed a red girl to go with my red boy (Sebastian G2M.) The Dark Elements M4 poses are nice; not sure how I missed them before. The Enchanted Dreams Dress for G2F is delightfully floofy and over-the-top, so I bought it, along with the texture add-on. Finally, I picked up Felicita & Fiorello for K4 because as far as K4 textures go, they’re a little different. I also like the face morphs.

If you’re a fan of the Plushie figures, go through A_’s store. I don’t know if Anat is moving her products anywhere else, but she does have a lot of Plushie poses.

Halloween(ish) textures for the G3F Princess Line Dress



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: G3F Princess Line Dress

Info: A set of textures for wilmap’s free Princess Line Dress for the G3F. A bit more “classic” goth, in the Wednesday Addams mold of “classic.” The textures, except maybe one, can be used for non-Halloween purposes too.

Dress material presets as well as a few others to switch around the trim/collar colors.

Previews inside…

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Halloween textures for the Cooking Stage Dress


“Knock it off, you bratty broom, or I’ll turn you into a toilet bowl brush.”


Usage: The Witchy Hat is okay for commercial use, but the Red Viper outfits cannot be used for any commercial purposes. So use the textures accordingly.

Required: Cooking Stage Dress A4, Gymnastics Wear A4, and the witchy Star Hat.

Info: A set of textures to turn the cooking stage dress into a Gothic Lolita witch outfit, with matching textures for the Witchy Hat and the tights and toe shoes from the Gymnastic Wear set.

The dress and tights are intended for Aiko 4, and so they’re a little tricky to fit to V4 or autofit to newer Genesis figures. When all else fails, hide body parts.

DAZ Studio files in dsa format in the Poser Runtime. If you prefer them in the DS content folder, move them where you’d like and delete the blank pz2 files.

Poser presets in mc6 format — they apply the textures, but since I’m still lost in the wilderness of Poser material settings, you’ll have to adjust the settings.

Please let me know if there are any problems with the zip file (which is on the large side.)

Previews inside…

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HiveWire Halloween Sale


Currently HiveWire is running a Halloween sale on select products.

Also, saw this on the recent Xurge3D newsletter:

Effective September 22, 2016

All Products in the Store were permanently reduced by 20%.

Excludes Gift Certificates, RealTime Game Distribution Licenses and HellFish Studios Products.

Not sure what prompted this, but I can’t help noticing new releases have slowed down a lot. His products were primarily for Poser and for almost all the older figures, so I suppose sales aren’t as robust as they used to be.

Noticed today too that Pixeluna has removed all the freebies from her site. She mostly had poses and character sets. I did the usual strike-through of the link text but kept the links. Sometimes these are archived on the Wayback Machine.

I’ll have a few Halloween freebies this week! Too many projects on my plate and I’m so slow on finishing them; feel a little guilty about that.:/