Texture Resources, Other 2D

Click on the thumbnails to download (some zips, some jpg files.)

th_rec-sns th_winterholidaytiles th_cogtile th_cookies+eggnog th_lumberjack-red th_velvetsilver th_velvetrose th_velvetsage th_velvetgold th_darkskies th_beams

1. Silly-N-Severe: DS3.1 presets and resource; 8 novelty prints and solids seamless tiles. Non-commercial use only for the Pac Man textures.

2. Winter Holidays: 28 winter holiday-themed seamless tiles, mostly 1024 x 1024, with corresponding bump maps for all but the marbled prints

3. Cogs: A steampunkish gear fabric tile with a corresponding bump map, both 3000 x 3000

4 & 5. – Holiday-ish flannel seamless tiles.

6 – 9: Victorian crushed velvet seamless tiles.

10: Dark Skies: 18 backgrounds of skyscapes and dark skies; size range is 1280×1500 / 1500×1500 / 2000×2000

11: Light Beams: Eleven 1600 x 1600 masking layer images that can fake volumetric light beams in postwork

A few larger previews below:

Backgrounds preview
Silly-n-Severe preview and presets
Light beams, jpg file thumbs
Light beam in use on Michael 3 (this is an oldie!)


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