Dirty Deeds for Dark Thorn and Raiver

Dirty Deeds, Dark Thorn M4, DAZ Studio 1.8 + and Poser 5 +
Dirty Deeds, Raiver V4, DAZ Studio 1.8 +and Poser 5 +

Download: DD Dark Thorn DS || Poser * DD Raiver DS || Poser

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: “Dirty Deeds” is a set of two dirty, grungy textures for Dark Thorn M4 and Raiver V4 ( or Reiver; there was some confusion at one time about the name), one knit and leather and the other a rough weave — and mixing them up looks fine too. A set of metallic surface presets is included for customizing the metal bits and also to match the piercings to the outfit styles.

Please note the set was created in, and optimized for, DAZ Studio 1.8. The surface settings will need adjusting in Poser, particularly bump and displacement values, and possibly in later versions of DS as well. The metallic presets may not look right in Poser, but I know there are plenty of Poser shaders available, both freebies and commercial, that can be used instead.

Required: BRC Dark Thorn for M4 or Raiver for V4.

More previews:

dd-dt-pants dd-dt-vests dd-dt-top1 dd-dt-top2  dd-dt-warmers dd-r-pants dd-r-coats dd-r-tops dd-dt-shoes dd-r-boots-etc



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