Jingle Hat Xtras

Jingle Hat Extras, DAZ Studio and Poser
Jingle Hat Extras, DAZ Studio 3.1 + and Poser +

Download * Hein Fit

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Textures for the hat — 10 hat textures and 4 metallic colors each for the jingle bell and jingle ball — as well as fits for M4, H4, A4, K4, K4-Toddler, 3DU’s Sadie and Sam, and Nursoda’s Hein (I added him later, so he has a separate download file.) All the fits were made to the standard figures, so adjustments may be necessary depending on added facial morphs. The fits for Sadie and Sam are a little iffy — those pencil necks! — but get the job done. Ditto for Hein. The Poser files were converted from DS3 using the Create Poser Mats utility. The files weren’t tested in Poser because I’m a DS3-only user, so these materials may need adjusting.

Required: Faerie Dream’s free Jingle Hat V4. Now here; click on “Faerie Dreams.”

More previews:

Detail #01, cloth texture
Detail #02, felted wool texture
Detail #03, novelty knit
Detail #04, candycane knit
Victoria 4, Michael 4, and Toddler/Kids 4
Kids 4, Aiko 4
Sam, Sadie, and Hiro 4


Clothing: TreasureChest’s Ski for Sadie/Sam; Billy-T’s Real Jeans M4, Yanelis3D’ Singles Shirt-B M4 with Vyktohria’s Multiples for Singles Shirt-B textures; Kyotaro’s Men’s Gloves for M4; Scarf from DAZ’s Regency Expansion M4; MamoMamo’s Down Coat for V4 and M4; pants from 3DU’s Everyday V4; dx30’s Flat Boots V4; Esha’s Winter Fun K4; pants from Predatron’s Truck Clothing; dx30’s Work Boots M4; Cute3D’s Lady Peacoat; dx30’s Tall Lace-Up Boots V4; pants from DAZ’s Fashion V4, and gloves from Goldtassel’s Winter Cap and Gloves.

Textures: Toon Tones for Sadie and Sam (also used on H4); A_’s Blythe (converted to V4); Morris’ Ethnique Megan V4, Alexandre M4, and Eliza K4, and LM Design’s Sammy K4.


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