Toon MATs for Sheriwyn Hair

Toon MATs for Littlefox's Sheriwyn Hair - DS 3.1 + and Poser 5 +
Toon MATs for Littlefox’s Sheriwyn Hair – DS 3.1 + and Poser 5 +

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Toonish materials, including five fully coordinated sets, partial mats for three hair mixes, two ribbon colors, three metal colors, and six stone styles. Because the style is intended to look toony and “chunky,” the transparency maps are not used. If you prefer otherwise, you can always reapply them before rendering.

Materials for DAZ Studio 3.1 + and Poser 5 + are included. These were created in DS 3 and the Poser materials were exported using the Poser Mat Creator utility. The presets were not tested in Poser because I’m a DS-only user, and some adjusting of settings may be required. A couple of the presets for the stones used tiling in DSA — Stone Alt and Stone Red — and this will need to be fixed in Poser.

Required: Sheriwyn Hair

More previews:

Textures, solid colors
Textures, mixed colors
Dark Red set


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