Toon Hair Shaders for DS 3.1 +

prev_toon-hair-materialsDownload Toon Hair Shaders: 12 toony mostly natural tones
Download Dark Toon Hair Shaders: 5 fantasy solids and 3 mixes
Download Spooky Toon Hair Shaders: 17 Halloween-themed textures

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: For use on any toon hair prop. Tiling ratios may need to be adjusted for some hair props. To use these surface materials, select the hair prop from the content tab, then select the surface(s) from the Surface Materials tab, and then click on the preset of choice.

The presets won’t work for Poser users, but the seamless tiles can be added and adjusted manually like any other Poser materials that are seamless tiles.

Presets, larger previews inside…


Presets: Toon Hair
Presets: Dark Toon Hair
Presets: Spooky Toon Hair

Larger Previews

temp-toon 02-2 temp-toon 02-3 temp-toon 02 temp-toon 02-4 metallic
Black Toon preset; the Cookie Hair has the Lighting changed from Plastic to Metallic

temp-dark toon mix 2 temp-dark toon red temp-spooky toon 02 temp-spooky toon 07 ration 2 to 1 temp-spooky toon 07 2 2
First two are Dark Toon presets, the last three are from the Spooky Toon set — the Spooky Toon presets have had the horizontal:vertical tile ratio adjusted from 1:1 to 2:2, except the black/orange one on V, which was adjusted from 1:1 to 2:1

Credits: Hair props used in the examples are XinXin for A3 refitted to A4, Esmerelda for A3 refitted to V4, and Black Rose Hair for Cookie.

Also, Some of these were used for the textures in this post.

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