Dial Morph Characters – V4 Marisol, Variety 01

Marisol V4, DAZ Studio and Poser
Evelyn V4, DAZ Studio and Poser
Halima V4, DAZ Studio and Poser
Rasine V4, DAZ Studio and Poser

Download Marisol * Download Variety #01

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Marisol is a Brazilian-inspired dial morph for V4 that comes in two versions: one requires CDI Morphia and Morphs ++ and the other only Morphs ++. The Variety #01 set includes three dial morphs inspired by women from northern Europe (Evelyn), Somalia (Halima), and Eastern Europe (Rasine.) These require Morphs ++ and Elite Ethnic Face morphs. Rasine is scaled down to 95% of the default V4.

Dial morph characters only; no textures, hair, clothing, etc.

Alternate Marisol preview:

Marisol V4, Morphs ++ only version, DAZ Studio and Poser

Credits: Marisol is wearing the Reby Sky Elite texture (one of the glamor presets) and Hr-045 hair.  Evelyn is wearing Juniper and Wild Orchid Hair; Halima is wearing Ethnique Kerry-Ann and Beautiful Black Hairstyles, and Rasine is wearing Ethnique Regina and Darling Hair.

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