Dial Morph Characters – Connor M4 & Kelli V4

Connor M4, for DAZ Studio & Poser
Kell V4, for DAZ Studio and Poser

Download Connor * Download Kelli

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Connor and Kelli are teen-aged dial morph charactesr for Michael 4 and Victoria 4. Both require the figure’s Morphs ++ package. I did this one as a challenge to myself to see how close I could come to a realistic-looking older teen character using just Morphs ++. I think they turned out okay.

Kelli is scaled to 96% of the default V4, so she’s still pretty tall. Connor is much shorter, scaled to 90% of the default M4. Scale them up or down to suit your needs. I also gave Kelli a slight gap between her two front teeth. This can be changed under the “Mouth” set of dial parameters.

These work best with young-looking skin textures, and for M4 ones with little to no facial hair. I know some teenagers look older than others — my stepson was very hairy and looked older than his actual age when he was in high school — but older teens still have softer-looking skin than adults in their 20’s.

Dial morph characters only; no textures, hair, clothing, etc.

More previews:

Connor and Kelli, Boys vs Girls
Kelli, with AntFarm’s Tea Spirit
Connor, very much postworked

Credits, Connor: Nemed M4/Jayden M4 and Duke Hair. Casual Wear for M4 with MORE Textures for Casual Wear, and Bad Boy.

Credits, Kelli: Thistledown V4 and Twin Fair Hair. The Jeanz with textures from MORE Textures for The Jeanz, Everyday V4, and Canvas Shoes.

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