Sadie and Sam: Boys vs Girls

Sadie and Sam pose set, DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A set of six poses (plus mirrored) and expressions each for Sadie and Sam. Sadie and Sam can share poses and expressions, with little to no tweaks required, and so you can have girls chase boys, boys chase girls, boys and girls chasing something else, and something else chasing boys and girls. You can of course assemble groups smaller than twelve figures. Or even singles; for example, just the cringing Sam pose and the pan-wielding Sadie pose.

Notes: One of the Sadie poses is set up to brandish something in her hand. I used a frying pan and a rolling pin; feel free to use whatever suits your needs. The poses don’t position the figures in your scene, they only apply the pose.

Required: Toon Boy Sam and Toon Girl Sadie.

More previews:

bvsg-pr-01 bvsg-pr-02 bvsg-pr-03 bvsg-pr-04 BoysVsGirls gvsdanbo

Boys and Girls vs Danbo

Credits: Clothing: Sam’s Clothing Pack; Good Cook Girl for Sadie Package #1 and Package #2 plus textures from trumarcar; Easy Wear for Sam; Loosey-Goosey Dress for Sadie; Deck Shoes for Sadie and Sam; the shoes, panties, and bikini top from Hula Girl; Free Sadie Tee; Cuffed Pants for Sadie; sweatpants from Pranx Hoodie (converted to Sam); Hiro4 Toon outfit (converted to Sam); Sam’s Socks and Loafers (Sadie and Sam, Page 3); Headkase’s Sensible Shoes for Sadie/Sam and Bossy Boots V4 (converted to Sadie and Sam; see this re: Bossy Boots V4); School Girl Outfit for Sadie ( TamilL OK’d redistribution but has now uploaded it to ShareCG); Sadie’s LifeStile; NearMe’s Shorts and Tank Top (converted to Sadie), and Sandalets for Sadie.

Hair: Sam’s Hair 1 and Hair 2 (recolored); Boy Cut Hair for Sam; Toon Afro (refitted to Sam); Hair Pack #2 for Sadie; Front Tails for Sadie; Sweetie Hair for Sadie, and Yvella Hair for Sadie.

Textures: Toon Tones for Sadie and Sam.

Other: The little box guy is MayaX’s Danbo.

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