WIP: Gen4 Toon Tones

The current major work-in-progress, based off the Sadie and Sam Toon Tones set (below; I still need to make these Poser-friendly.)I find these types of textures work better in postwork and with toon shaders than the realistic skin textures or plain diffuse colors.

The presets will include 12 realistic (more or less) skin tones plus four fantasy skin tones (red, green, blue, and purple.) It will also include colors for lashes, eyebrows, toon hair material shader presets, mouth materials, three iris styles, eye highlights, toony brow eyelash styles, and overlays for simple makeup, freckles, and anime/manga-style effects like sweat drops, blush cross-hatches, and vein pops.

These are all basic surface settings, nothing fancy.

gen4toontones-test01 gen4toontones-test03 gen4toontones-test02 gen4toontones-test04

* The test images are using all Gen4 Toon Tone materials except for the eyelash transparencies.

The DS and Poser mats for the skin tones and eyes are done. Colors for brows, lashes, and hair props for DS are also done, but these might be a little iffy for Poser because I’m not sure how the diffuse, specular, and ambient settings will translate. The overlays are a problem. I know Poser can do this easily enough, but I can’t make pz2 presets from within DS. (I don’t yet own any version of Poser, but maybe one of these days…)

So far, I’ve finished the skin tones, mouth materials, a few makeup overlays, three brow transparencies, and the sclera, lacrimal, iris, and pupil textures. I’ve started on the freckles overlays (needs work; see above.) I still have to make more brow transparencies, lash transparencies, and the manga-style blush, sweat drops, and vein pop overlays.

I also plan on making a few toony character morphs to give away. I’ll try and stick to A4/H4/Morphs ++ for some, but I love using CDI’s sets — Morphia, Morphus, Faerime, and Morphlet — too.

I’ve been using these on other figures too:

Deco, Deco Maybe, and Decoco
Hiro 3
Also Hiro 3
And of course V4
and M4
and Aiko 4 and Hiro 4


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