Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Mike’s Tiki Bar

Mike’s Tiki Bar, RDNA

Creator: Traveler

Download: Mike’s Tiki Bar (no longer available, sorry)

A Favorite Because: It’s a really nice set of props with a theme that’s a little different.

What I Did With It:

The Tourists (postworked a bit)

Download: DS 3.1 + Mats for Mike’s Tiki Bar

Another version:

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Toon Tones for Sadie & Sam – Poser Version

Toon Tones for Sadie and Sam, for Poser 5 +

Download Poser Version

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Info: For more previews, or to download the DAZ Studio version, please see this post.

This set includes all the skin tones, mouth materials, eye maps (with and without highlights), brow and lash colors, and eye reflections of the DAZ Studio set.

What this does not include are presets to apply the two freckle overlays (the freckle textures are included in the texture folder), the toon hair shaders to match the eyebrow/eyelash colors, and the utility presets to adjust eye whites and lip colors. This is because the Poser mat converter utility I use cannot convert these types of files to Poser.

There are workarounds to the limitations, although I know they’re tedious to have to do:

1. Manually apply the freckle overlay to the head material zone and create a preset from Poser.

2. Apply the eyelash/eyebrow preset of choice and then copy the diffuse color and settings to the toon hair prop.

3. Softer eye whites and darker lips work better with the darker skin tones. The default settings and their alternates for the lips and eye whites:

  • Default/Bright eye whites settings – Diffuse Color: 235, 235, 235; Diffuse Strength: 90%; Ambient Color: 212, 245, 245; Ambient Strenth: 10%
  • Default lips settings – Diffuse Color: 245, 233, 233; Diffuse Strength: 100%
  • Softer eye whites settings – Diffuse Color: 245, 245, 245; Diffuse Strength: 90%; Ambient Color: 212, 245, 245; Ambient Strength: 5%
  • Darker lips settings – Diffuse Color: 244, 218, 218; Diffuse Strength: 100%

I hope this helps. If there are any questions, just ask. Obviously I can’t help with Poser-specific stuff, but anything else I can probably answer.

WIP: Gen 4 Toon Tones update #1

Still chipping away at this. I finally got around to making thumbnails for the eye materials presets … making mat presets is probably the most tedious part of things. Even more so when also making presets for Poser, since essentially I have to do everything twice. But that’s okay; a little extra work to be all-inclusive isn’t such a bad thing. 🙂

My first attempt to make a manga blush overlay was a total fail. But I’ve since figured out what needs to be done so I get crosshatching that looks like a blush rather than sideburns. Ha!

Eye presets — no highlights; those will be separate. I’m also thinking of making a few weird iris presets, like hearts, money signs, and a swirly thing. Those might be useful?

Eye materials for Gen4 Toon Tones
(click for larger image)

Flat toon tones as a DS shader might also be useful. I’ll probably still just make an extra set of skin mats for the Mil3 figures (they mostly share the same material zones) and Cookie and Chip, since it’s possible to load their heads on Gen4 bodies (and Mil3 bodies too, though I’ve not tried that yet):

Cookie and Chip heads on Aiko4 and Hiro4 bodies, with Gen4 Toon Tones (click for larger image)

So, anyway, there’s progress. It’s just slow. The story of my creative life. 😛

Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Abata

AbataG3rev2 Kigru-ME_verTora Kigru-ME_verUsagi

Creator: Zone Of Control/Team Lock-On

Download: AbataG3rev2 (all on the same page)

A Favorite Because: This little marshmallow-headed cutie has great expressions.

DS Mats for Abata
Poses, for DAZ Studio and Poser

Download: DS 3.1 + Mats for Abata and the Tora/Usagi add-ons

Download: Poses for Abata (pz2 format)

Note: The zip includes a texture for the Usagi suit, since the copy I downloaded didn’t have one. I’m not the world’s greatest texture-maker, but it gets the job done. 🙂

REC Plushie Shaders for DS 3.1 +

Plushies Shaders, for DAZ Studio 3.1 +


Usage: Okay for commercial ad personal use.

Info: Eight plushie presets to apply to whatever prop or clothing you’d like to make fuzzy or furry. (I’m planning an add-on of some tiling textures too.)

The presets affect only the diffusion color/strength, specularity color/strength, ambient color/strength,  and displacement map/strength. Therefore, you can use the presets on existing diffuse color maps and any associated bump or transparency maps.

If there is a bump map, you may need to lower the settings.

With light colors, the ambient value will probably need to be lowered to 10, or even 5. You might also wish to change both the specularity strength values to 75.

Because displacement alters the mesh, there will be “fur” poke through on parts of the mesh over or close around it, like stuffed animal eyes or belts or buttons. Sometimes, these items can be moved using the Z-Translation dial or otherwise adjusted with XYZ scaling. Other times, the only way to fix the poke through is the cloning brush in your postwork program of choice.

Using displacement will increase render times a bit.

The shortest presets work best at close up; too far away and the effect won’t be noticed.

The presets work pretty well on most clothing, shoes, and various props like pillows, furniture, plushie animals, etc., but no guarantees it’ll work perfectly on every one. The effects aren’t as nice as what you can get with more advanced DS4 plugins or Poser’s material room, but it’s a workable alternative.

You can mix presets. For example, using a medium fur preset on a teddy bear body and a shorter fur preset on its ears or footpads.

Please note: The displacement effect will not show up until you render. Thanks to Laura for the reminder about this.

More previews:

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