Dial Morph Character – Hugh M4

Hugh for M4, Version #01, DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A Scottish-inspired character for Michael 4. A strong face, but not quite a pretty boy. There are two versions. The first requires M4’s Morphs ++, Elite Morphs, and CDI’s Morphus. The second version requires Morphs ++ and Elite Morphs. There isn’t a lot of difference between the two this time — I used Morphus for an Adam’s Apple and a couple other minor shaping dials.

Dial morph character only; no textures, hair, clothes, etc.

More previews:

Hugh, Version #02, DAZ Studio and Poser
Hugh, Version #01, DAZ Studio and Poser

Edited to add an actual “Hugh in Action!” render. 😛

The Magi
The Magi

Credits: The Hughs are wearing Ethnique Nathen, Beck, and Malachi. Hair props are Feather Hair M4, Zac Hair, and NYC Hair. Clothing in the first image is Leon Di Castiglia for M4 and the other two Hughs are wearing the briefs from Tool Boi Winter Collection. First Hugh is also wearing the pearl drop earring from Cool Tuna’s M4 Jewelry Pack 5.

The MagiLazarus M4, Goya Hair M4, shirt from War Dog M4, staff from DMR Moon Cult Dynamics, 2012 Backgrounds, Circle of Light, Light Trails, a texture from Lost & Taken Colored Papers, and some recoloring in PSP. Font is Dirty Headline.

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