REC Plushie Shaders for DS 3.1 +

Plushies Shaders, for DAZ Studio 3.1 +


Usage: Okay for commercial ad personal use.

Info: Eight plushie presets to apply to whatever prop or clothing you’d like to make fuzzy or furry. (I’m planning an add-on of some tiling textures too.)

The presets affect only the diffusion color/strength, specularity color/strength, ambient color/strength,Β  and displacement map/strength. Therefore, you can use the presets on existing diffuse color maps and any associated bump or transparency maps.

If there is a bump map, you may need to lower the settings.

With light colors, the ambient value will probably need to be lowered to 10, or even 5. You might also wish to change both the specularity strength values to 75.

Because displacement alters the mesh, there will be “fur” poke through on parts of the mesh over or close around it, like stuffed animal eyes or belts or buttons. Sometimes, these items can be moved using the Z-Translation dial or otherwise adjusted with XYZ scaling. Other times, the only way to fix the poke through is the cloning brush in your postwork program of choice.

Using displacement will increase render times a bit.

The shortest presets work best at close up; too far away and the effect won’t be noticed.

The presets work pretty well on most clothing, shoes, and various props like pillows, furniture, plushie animals, etc., but no guarantees it’ll work perfectly on every one. The effects aren’t as nice as what you can get with more advanced DS4 plugins or Poser’s material room, but it’s a workable alternative.

You can mix presets. For example, using a medium fur preset on a teddy bear body and a shorter fur preset on its ears or footpads.

Please note: The displacement effect will not show up until you render. Thanks to Laura for the reminder about this.

More previews:

temp-cave dress v4 temp-cc slippers presets 01 02temp-hat preset 02 temp-chair med fur def tex temp-cutie pie cap temp-dead bunnyΒ  temp-mint coat preset 041 temp-pea coat preset 02 temp-pookie def

In order: Cave Dress for V4 (used Preset 02 on the dress and Preset 01 on the belt); Blue Suede Slippers for V3 or V4 (Preset 02 on slipper, Preset 01 on insole); Winter Dazzle Hat (Preset 02 on fur); Deco Redux chair (one of the medium fur presets); Cutie Pie Cap (Preset 02); Dead Bunny (one of the long fur presets); Bad to the Bone Coat (one of the long fur presets for the collar); Lady Peacoat V4 (Preset 02), and Pookie Bear (one of the long fur presets for his body, tummy, and paw pads and a short preset for his ears.)

Preview image credits: Floors-n-Walls; Kaitey K4; AntsPants2 K4; Kiddy Couch, Stuffed Bunny, and K4 Shoes & Slippers.


9 thoughts on “REC Plushie Shaders for DS 3.1 +

  1. Michele, thank you so much for releasing this fabulous DS fur preset! πŸ™‚
    I hope it will work also in Bryce 7.1 when exporting via DS bridge.

  2. You’re welcome, Laura — hope you’ll find them useful.

    I have no idea if they will work in Bryce. I have Bryce 7.1, but I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve never used it! πŸ˜›

  3. Although I am using DS from its first release I have never used it for renders, only for fitting everything needed, posing the characters and when I am happy I transfer them over to Bryce for the final scenes. Actually I have taught myself everything 3D by trial and error! But I am sure I will figure something out with fur in Bryce too! So far, textures from DS to Bryce transferred greatly, only ‘Genesis’ skin tones not always showing up! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Michele, I will try it out by adding it to clothing pieces or something on Genesis first, and hopefully the fur effect will transfer to Bryce. I will let you know the outcome! If it works I can upload sample images to my blog! πŸ™‚ Laura

  5. Michele, I have tried it now. Your Fur shader preset works very well in DS4.6 (only appears on renders though), but when exporting to Bryce only the original texture transfers without fur effect thus not working. 😦
    I wish there is a way to add furry effects in Bryce 7.1 as well, since it’s hard to find such Bryce materials. My knowledge is limited so I need tutorials to be able to create such, if any! But for Daz Studio renders perfect furs, thank you again!! πŸ™‚

    • Well, rats. I guess Bryce is just a different enough beastie that things like this may not work. But thanks for letting me know.

      Glad to hear the presets also work well in DS4.6. I forgot to mention the effect will only show up on rendering. I’m so used to using displacement like this that I forget someone new to it might not know this.

      I’ll edit the post and make note of that.

  6. Hi Michele,
    Just wanted to thank you for your continued awesome work!!
    BTW the fur effect does not work in Bryce because Bryce’s render engine has no displacement capabilities at all. This is kinda weird in 2013, especially for a landscape type of program, but the DAZ folks never got around to putting it in.

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