WIP: Gen 4 Toon Tones update #1

Still chipping away at this. I finally got around to making thumbnails for the eye materials presets … making mat presets is probably the most tedious part of things. Even more so when also making presets for Poser, since essentially I have to do everything twice. But that’s okay; a little extra work to be all-inclusive isn’t such a bad thing. 🙂

My first attempt to make a manga blush overlay was a total fail. But I’ve since figured out what needs to be done so I get crosshatching that looks like a blush rather than sideburns. Ha!

Eye presets — no highlights; those will be separate. I’m also thinking of making a few weird iris presets, like hearts, money signs, and a swirly thing. Those might be useful?

Eye materials for Gen4 Toon Tones
(click for larger image)

Flat toon tones as a DS shader might also be useful. I’ll probably still just make an extra set of skin mats for the Mil3 figures (they mostly share the same material zones) and Cookie and Chip, since it’s possible to load their heads on Gen4 bodies (and Mil3 bodies too, though I’ve not tried that yet):

Cookie and Chip heads on Aiko4 and Hiro4 bodies, with Gen4 Toon Tones (click for larger image)

So, anyway, there’s progress. It’s just slow. The story of my creative life. 😛


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