Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Mike’s Tiki Bar

Mike’s Tiki Bar, RDNA

Creator: Traveler

Download: Mike’s Tiki Bar (no longer available, sorry)

A Favorite Because: It’s a really nice set of props with a theme that’s a little different.

What I Did With It:

The Tourists (postworked a bit)

Download: DS 3.1 + Mats for Mike’s Tiki Bar

Another version:

The Tourists, Vintage

Postwork Freebies: Folded Paper Photoshop Brushes; Vintagram 2 PS Action; Grain Natural plugin; Jane Austen font, and Eyecandy 3.1

The Eyecandy 3.1 plugin is really old, but I can still get it to work in Paint Shop Pro 7, which I keep despite having PSP X3 and PS CS2. The Eyecandy 3.1 plugin was used to make the vintage look photo frame, which I found in a long-gone tutorial.

Photo Edge Frame Instructions:

Load image
Layers –> Promote to Layer
Layers –> New Raster Layer (frame)
Selections –> Select All
Selections –> Modify –> Contract
Enter 3 and click OK
Masks –> New –> Show Selection
Selections –> Select None
Choose the Flood Fill tool; Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity 100
Choose white from the Color Options
Click to fill the new Layer 2/frame with white
You will now have an image that appears all white except for a small 3px wide edge
Masks –> Edit
Effects –> Plugin Filers –> EyeCandy 3.1 –> Jiggle
Use Brownian Motion for Movement Type, Bubble Size: 5; Warp: 4; Twist: 0
Selections –> Select All
Selections –> Modify –> Contract
Enter 15 (or your choice) and then click OK
Edit –> Clear
Leave your selection active for now
Select picture layer (Layer 1)
Selections –> Modify –> Expand
Enter 2 and then click OK
Selections –> Invert
Edit –> Clear
Selections –> Select None
Layers –> Merge –> Merge Visible

Add a background and/or other optional effects. I used 25 instead of 15 for the photo border size.

Credits: In addition to Mike’s Tiki Bar, I used a bunch of freebies and commercial items.

Freebies: Charcoal Bag; Morphing Sand Prop; Tropical Breeze DressHonu Jewelry; Dancing Shoes; Basketball; Hoop Earrings; Chain Necklace; Tropical Vacation for Bad Guy M4 Part 1 and Part 2; Holiday Lights; Stool Poses V4 (modified) and M4 Naturally Poses (modified.)

Purchased: Summertime Grill, Ron’s Smoke, Evan Hair, Rob Elite M4, M4 Casual Wear, MORE Textures for M4 Casual Wear, Veranil M4, Timeless Male Hair, Malachi M4, Bad Guy M4, Willow Jewels M4, Reby Sky Elite V4; Cat Hair V4; Ethnique Nicole V4, Akaste Hair, Leisure Suit V4, shoes from Crazy Nights V4 outfit; Bettine’s Sekrets; beer bottles from Late Nights at the Bar; LoRez Crow; Predatron’s Grass, Unique Rock Formations; Lisa’s Botanicals Palm Tree; Lisa’s Botanicals Tropicals, and To the Sky backgrounds.

I re-textured the Morphing Dune and rocks from Unique Rock Formations with Sand Tile #01 and #02, which are here.

Oh, and the V4 in the dress is Marisol, though I shortened her up some for this render.

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