Weekly Freebie Spotlight: FotoSketcher

Creator: David Thoiron

Download: FotoSketcher

A Favorite Because: It’s a good alternative for those who can’t afford something like PostworkShop, but still want to experiment with a few painterly effects. It’s a stand-alone app; no need for another image editing program unless you want to use one.

What I Did With It:

geraint01 <<– Original render, with a gradient background

geraint02 <<– Water Color preset

geraint03 <<– Pen & Ink preset.

I combined them in PSP, working with various layer effects. Final Image:

Click for full size image (it’s rather large!)

Credits: Armor is Iron Clad: Milanese. The character morph is my own. The texture was converted to M4 from Kaileena for PBIV and then edited to suit a male character.

Tiling Halloween Textures

Download Halloween Textures: Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03

I’ve had most of these sitting in my texture resources folder for a couple of years and decided to pull them together for download. All the tiles were made in Filter Forge, so you can do whatever you’d like with them, including making commercial products. All I ask is that the zip archive and/or its contents aren’t redistributed or sold, in whole or in part. I’d also prefer the tiles be used as part of a texture template (but I won’t hunt you down and harass you if you don’t 😛 )

There are 100 tiles, plus a small assortment of bump maps, so I divided the downloads into three parts. Here’s a preview. There are patterns, wovens, knits, and leather-like textures. It’s pretty much a grab-bag of stuff:

Thumbnails, Halloween Tiles

Some of these are suitable for non-Halloween purposes, and of course you can always re-color them in an image editor.

A few examples:
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Weekly Freebie Spotlight: V4 Partial Pose Kit

Creator: Earl Clark (Download Page)

Download: V4 Partial Pose Kit

A Favorite Because: It’s a handy resource as a starting point for building your own poses, and in particular poses that aren’t hyper-sexualized. Included are arm poses, leg poses, neck poses, head poses, and individual left arm and right arm poses, which is especially useful.

The partial poses also work with Michael 4, with some adjustments.

What I Did With It:

Used a right arm pose, a left arm pose, legs pose, neck pose, and head pose
Used an arms pose, legs pose, and head and neck poses

Larger view of first pose:

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Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Anko

Creator: 3574 (ex-Aziqo)

Download: Anko Base || Anko Clothing Set 01 || Anko Clothing Set 02
(Password required; instructions are at the top of the blog. The site includes adult content.)

A Favorite Because: Anko is a cute, unisex toon with a great little wardrobe.

anko1 anko2

temp-anko 07

Download: DS 3.1 + mats for Anko
Download: Poses for Anko (pz2 format)

More info and previews:

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