Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Anko

Creator: 3574 (ex-Aziqo)

Download: Anko Base || Anko Clothing Set 01 || Anko Clothing Set 02
(Password required; instructions are at the top of the blog. The site includes adult content.)

A Favorite Because: Anko is a cute, unisex toon with a great little wardrobe.

anko1 anko2

temp-anko 07

Download: DS 3.1 + mats for Anko
Download: Poses for Anko (pz2 format)

More info and previews:

Notes on the DS Mats: One mat for Hair 01 may have been a Poser Material Room setting; there was no associated texture map for it. So, no blue hair for the pig tails. However, DS users can download my Toon Hair shaders here, apply the gray preset, and then add a blue color to the diffuse channel. (Or, of course, just use another blue hair tile.)

Notes on the Poses and Expressions: Poses #01 and #04 – #06 are mirrored, and the guitar pose includes a pose preset for the guitar. The props used:

Guitar – http://mdp4.web.fc2.com/DL/DLpage.html
Chair – http://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/details.php?item_id=65680

Bending/rotating Anko’s feet too much breaks the socks and footwear (at least it does in DS3.) So let little Anko go barefoot when using that last chair pose. 😀 I tried to keep the distortion to a minimum; feel free to further tweak the foot poses to your desires. Distortions are less noticeable with the boots.

temp-anko 01 temp-anko 02 temp-anko 03 temp-anko 04 temp-anko 05 temp-anko 06



BTW, you can download some extra Anko textures by eblank here.


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