Weekly Freebie Spotlight: V4 Partial Pose Kit

Creator: Earl Clark (Download Page)

Download: V4 Partial Pose Kit

A Favorite Because: It’s a handy resource as a starting point for building your own poses, and in particular poses that aren’t hyper-sexualized. Included are arm poses, leg poses, neck poses, head poses, and individual left arm and right arm poses, which is especially useful.

The partial poses also work with Michael 4, with some adjustments.

What I Did With It:

Used a right arm pose, a left arm pose, legs pose, neck pose, and head pose
Used an arms pose, legs pose, and head and neck poses

Larger view of first pose:

temp-v4 smart phone pose
V4 pose, with DAZ Smart Phone prop

Credits: VW Beetle, Dead End Alley, Canvas Shoes, The Jeanz, MORE Textures for Jeanz, Leisure Suit, Smart Phone and Tablet, KiriTe Hair II, Ethnique Regina, and Skies of Reality Vol One.

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