Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Masks, Cowls, Hoods, and Veils

I’m indulging my love of little trick-or-treaters, silly costumes, and actual spooky stuff by posting a series of weekly freebie spotlights focused on Halloween. (And with plenty of lead-up time to October 31 too!) This week, a few face-obscuring extras to make your characters a little scarier. Or just weird.

Masks, Partial and Full:

0masquerade-v4 0fox-mask 0hannya 0okame 0mask4v4-1 0mask4v4-2 0mask4v4-3 0child-paper-masks 0jewelled-mask 0doll-mask 0k4-mask 0guy-fawkes-mask 0nightmare-mask 0raven-mask-sam 0-fright-mask-v4 0happy-sad-masks 0goth-mask-default 0rococo-mask 0plague-doctor-m4 0hero-villain-m3 0bunny-tan2-m3 0bear-costume-m4 0frog-mask-v4 0t2-v4M4

Masquerade V4 || Fox Mask/Hannya Mask/Okame Mask || V4 Mask 1 || V4 Mask 2 || V4 Mask 3 || Paper Masks || Jeweled Mask || Doll Mask || K4 Mask || Guy Fawkes Mask || Nightmare Mask || Raven Mask for TB Sam || V4 Fright Mask || Happy/Sad Masks || Gothic Masks || Rococo Mask || Plague Doctor M4 ** || Hero/Villain Mask M3 ||  Bunny Tan M3 || Bear Costume M4 || Frog Mask V4 (site has adult content) || Face mask from T2 for M4 or V4 ||

Cowls, Hoods, and Veils:

0draped-hood-v4 0death-cloak2-m4 0normans2-m3 m4-assassins-hood v4-wedding-veil 0despot-m4 0hood-1 0hood-2 0hood-3 0red-dream-v4 0face-in-lace-v4

Draped Hood V4 || Death Robe M4 (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Normans M3 Coif || Assassins Hood || Wedding Veil V4 || Despot M4, Hood || Hood 01 *** || Hood 02 V4 *** || Hood 03 Apollo *** || Read Dream V4 *** || Face In Lace V4 ***

** Also has a cowl, which is meant to be worn over the M4 Mage outfit from DAZ’s Plat Club. It fits over other tunics without too much trouble.

*** These are Poser dynamic props, but they work okay in DS “as is” with a little re-sizing, re-positioning, and careful posing.

The “what I did with it” part, in addition to this image, is inside…

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Halloween’s just around the corner

Jak and Sal, ready to party

The kids are back in school, the nights are growing cooler and longer, and the sugar pumpkins in my garden are turning a brilliant shade of orange. That means Halloween is almost here. Since it’s my favorite holiday, I have a few things planned for September through the beginning of October. Like lists of favorite Halloween and Halloween-friendly freebies — and a few new freebies from me as well!

Also, new visitors to the blog might want to check out older Halloween-related freebies: 100 Tiling Halloween Textures; Kandy Kon for Nursoda’s Kon figure; Spooky Toon Hair Shaders for DS3+ (third one down…and I can’t believe I forgot to add the download links, but they’re fixed now); Holiday Styles for FD Sandals and Bubblegumz Clogs, and Festive Shaders for DS (an oldie oldie!)

Edited to add credits: Jak and Sal for K4, converted to M4/V4; The Cornstalk; The Pumpkin for DS; Dead Bunny; Dead Bushes; Dead Grass; Blowing Leaves; Grasslands #10; To The Sky background; boots from Kireta 1 (adult content at site); hat and shirt from Angel Flutter Shirt & Silk Hat for M4 (adult content at site); Susie’s Rags with the Silent Fright Rags texture, Spiral Twin Tails for V4, and Creepy Quotes brushes.

REC Beads-n-Baubles Shaders

Metallic shaders for DS3 +


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

You can also use these for commercial products and freebies. The reflection maps were all made in Filter Forge, and are 1024×1024 in size.

Info: I made these because I wanted a quick and easy way (yes, quick and easy seems to be my MO) to simulate fancier, multicolored beads and jewel-like effects for jewelry props, especially those with Poser-only materials. There are 24 metallic “beads-n-baubles” presets (dark and light versions) as well as four basic metal presets (new brass, new copper, new gold, and new silver.)

Preview of presets and examples inside…

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Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Mil3/Gen4 Claws

V4ClawsTH M4ClawsTH
m3clawsth clawsth

Creator: TrekkieGrrrl

Download: M4/V4 Claws or M3/V3 Claws (separate downloads on each page)

A Favorite Because: They’re excellent all-purpose claws. I like that they use the character’s own nails, so whatever character texture I’m using, I don’t have to change surface materials unless I want or need to. This is especially useful with characters that have customized nail textures.

I use these claws a LOT!

What I Did With Them:


More inside…
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Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Incognito


Creator: Faerie Dreams

Download: Incognito — now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”

A Favorite Because: It’s just silly and cute.

What I Did With It:

Incognito glasses, refits for K4, M4, and V4
Diabolical Genius, TB Sam fit

Download: Incognito Xtras for DAZ Studio and Poser

Notes: The download set includes quickie refits of the glasses for K4, M4, V4, and Sadie & Sam, which will probably need some tweaking depending on any facial morphs that are added. These are in pz2 format. The material files — all except for the default Poser materials — include both dsa and pz2 formats. There’s an extra couple colors for the glasses and the noses.

Credits: Bell V4, Pure Hair Darling V4, Black Alyss V4, Trey M4, Evan Hair, Bad Guy M4, Tayisha K4, Bambini Girls Clothing, and Hr-064. Also, bokeh textures by joannastar-stock.