WIP: DS Satin Shaders Redux

I’m thinking of reworking a bunch of old satin shaders I’d made for DS 1.8. As usual, nothing complex. Keeping most of the old colors and adding a few . They’re just diffuse, specular, and ambient colors, with or without some ref maps. The refmaps add a little more brightness and sheen to the satiny effect.

Best used on clothing and props with lots of folds. Also, looks best when used with a specular light. In scenes with dark lighting, the ambient value may need to be adjusted down to 15% or 20%.

A partial sampling (click for larger view):

temp-satin black temp-satin concord temp-satin red temp-satin royal temp-satin pink temp-satin grassy green temp-satin garnet temp-satin mint

These two are intended for wedding dresses, though I’m thinking the ivory one might be a little too dark.

temp-satin white temp-satin beige

I did a quick check in DS4.5, and the shaders work (apologies for the crappy render; I’ve used DS4 all of maybe four or five times, and only to give the new Dawn figure a try.)

temp-satin dawn
Hey, it’s Dawn! Sort of wearing a V4 dress…she’s sad because she has no sexy shoes yet

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