WIP: Satin Shaders

I think I’ve settled on the colors, of which there are twenty-seven. I should have these packaged up and ready for downloading by the weekend. Download here!

Amethyst – Cherry Red – Chocolate – Cittrine
Cobalt – Concord Grape – Emerald – Garnet
Hot Pink – Icy Aqua – Icy Beige – Icy Blue
Icy Gold – Icy Green – Icy Ivory – Icy Lilac
Icy Pink – Icy Silver – Icy White – Icy Yellow
Ivory – Lime – Midnight – Onyx
Pewter – Ruby – Turquoise

I think that covers a pretty wide spectrum. 😀

Also included are five reflection map presets, a utility preset to remove the reflection map, and a utility preset to set the ambient value at 15%. I did a bunch of testing with various lighting setups — except Reality — and didn’t notice any problems outside of the expected, like really bright lights washing out lighter colors.

I also tried for a range of ivory/beige and white colors for wedding dresses. I don’t know that there’s a huge need for this, but it seemed like a good idea to me.

The lighting I used is a fairly bright portrait set that uses a mix of UberEnvironment and seven distant lights, one of which is a rim light and another a specular light set at 65%. All lights are white.


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