REC Beads-n-Baubles Shaders


Metallic shaders for DS3 +


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

You can also use these for commercial products and freebies. The reflection maps were all made in Filter Forge, and are 1024×1024 in size.

Info: I made these because I wanted a quick and easy way (yes, quick and easy seems to be my MO) to simulate fancier, multicolored beads and jewel-like effects for jewelry props, especially those with Poser-only materials. There are 24 metallic “beads-n-baubles” presets (dark and light versions) as well as four basic metal presets (new brass, new copper, new gold, and new silver.)

Preview of presets and examples inside…

metallics presets

Beads-n-Baubles Presets

metallics misc jewelry 02

Examples, misc jewelry props #01

metallics mis jewelry

Examples, misc jewelry props, #02

metallics heart necklaces

Examples, heart necklace

metallics barretts

Examples, art nouveau barrettes

metallics misc props

Examples, misc non-jewelry props

metallics battle maidens

Examples, Battle Maiden V4 breastplate (for all your rainbow warrior needs, I guess…)

metallics andromedas

Examples, Andromeda cyborg figure

Credits: Main promo jewelry from Bettine’s Sekrets V4; necklace from Arkana, Mistress Charm Bracelet, Bells 2012 Earrings, Celtic Heart Necklace, earring from Rhi’s Jewelz, QE Necklace, V3 Pearls, V4 Pearls, Heart Charm Bracelet from Valentine Jewels, Pearl Drop Earring from M4 Jewelry Pack #05, Heart Jewels, Art Nouveau Hair Jewelry, Boudoir Lamp, Bottle from Drinks for Vila, Contemporary Decorative Lamp, Sci-Fi Eyewear, Battle Maiden V4, and Andromeda.

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