Halloween’s just around the corner

Jak and Sal, ready to party

The kids are back in school, the nights are growing cooler and longer, and the sugar pumpkins in my garden are turning a brilliant shade of orange. That means Halloween is almost here. Since it’s my favorite holiday, I have a few things planned for September through the beginning of October. Like lists of favorite Halloween and Halloween-friendly freebies — and a few new freebies from me as well!

Also, new visitors to the blog might want to check out older Halloween-related freebies: 100 Tiling Halloween Textures; Kandy Kon for Nursoda’s Kon figure; Spooky Toon Hair Shaders for DS3+ (third one down…and I can’t believe I forgot to add the download links, but they’re fixed now); Holiday Styles for FD Sandals and Bubblegumz Clogs, and Festive Shaders for DS (an oldie oldie!)

Edited to add credits: Jak and Sal for K4, converted to M4/V4; The Cornstalk; The Pumpkin for DS; Dead Bunny; Dead Bushes; Dead Grass; Blowing Leaves; Grasslands #10; To The Sky background; boots from Kireta 1 (adult content at site); hat and shirt from Angel Flutter Shirt & Silk Hat for M4 (adult content at site); Susie’s Rags with the Silent Fright Rags texture, Spiral Twin Tails for V4, and Creepy Quotes brushes.

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