Halloween Freebie: Odds-N-Ends

Halloween Hag Bag, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Clown textures for Short Dreads, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Required: Hag Bag for Poser and/or M4 Short Dreads.

Info: The “hag bag” can be fitted to characters other than V4 for the world’s quickest and easiest runtime Halloween costume. Short Dreads was the best freebie hair prop I could find for adapting to a clown costume (and it’s pretty good for ordinary dreads too, of course!)

Edited to add that I included the cherry-red mat in the Short Dreads file — after I created the promo. I’m too lazy to re-do the preview up there, but the red mat that I used with K4 and Pippin is included. Don’t know why I didn’t think to do this the first time around…

Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Halloween Adults Part 2

Costumes and Costume-able Clothing, V4:

bandage-mania-v4 gothic-outfit-v4 black-cat-v4 evil-nurse-v4 cosplay-sg tink-dress-v4 lady-of-legend-v4 kimono-v4 kitsune-kimono the-magical-dress rococo-decadence-v3v4 rococo-dress-v4v3a3 v4 fantastic bodysuit t2-v4 bad-to-the-bone-v4 ld-stockings-v4-a3 ld-stockings-textures gymnastic-set-ext peasasnt-dress-v4 skeleton-outfit

Bandage Mania || Goth Gown; Pt 1/Pt 2 || Black Cat DS/Poser (or here & here) || Evil Nurse Set || Cosplay SG || Tink Dress V4/A3 (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Lady of Legend || Kimono || Kitsune Kimono Textures || The Magical Dress A4;  V4 adaption here || Rococo Decadence V4/V3 * || Rococo Dress for V4/V3/A3 || Fantastic Bodysuit || T2 Set || Bad to the Bone, trench coat || LD Stockings V4/ A3 ||  LD Stockings Textures || Gymnastic Wear A4, plus damaged texture expansion (both on same page) || Peasant Dress V4 || Skeleton Outfit; requires this top and these pants (and RTEncoder)

NOTE: While they are too numerous to list here, Mylochka has a bunch of Disney-inspired heroine and villainess dress textures for the DAZ Morphing Fantasy Dress. The textures fit most other figure versions of the MFD. Bonus V4 skin textures for the villainess characters are included.

Costumes and Costume-able Clothing, M4:

victorian-vest-m4 0plague-doctor-m4 fable-m4 death-cloak-m4 m4-despot-suit bear-costume-m4 mountie-m4 eagle-cape-m4 m4-mach1-6-bodysuit t2-m4 slave-hiton-m4 marquis-cape-m4 m4-superman m4-alien-force-suit m4-sci-fi-armor 18th-century-suit-m4 kireta1-m4 trench-coat-m4

Victorian Vest; 2 parts || Plague Doctor || Fable || Death Robe (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Despot Outfit || Bear Costume || Mountie || Eagle Cape || Mach 1.6 Bodysuit || T2 Set || Slave Hiton || Marquis Cape || Super Hero Set || Alien Force Suit || Sci-Fi Armor || 18th Century Suit || Kireta 1 Set M4; good for rock star costumes (site has adult content) || Sickle Trench Coat M4

Costumes and Costume-able Clothing, Gen3:

cook-coat-m3 uniform2-m3 enbi-m3 bunny-tan-m3 normans-m3 casablanca-suit-m3 legion-h3 lithio-h3 ode-h3 still-life-h3 neo-rockabilly-h3 circular-skirt-a3  q-bee-a3 unforgiven-a3 space-pilot-a3h3 space-suit-a3

Cook Coat M3; download here or here || Uniform 2 M3 || Evening Suit M3; download here or here || Bunny Tan M3 || Normans M3 || Casablanca Suit M3 || Legion H3 || Lithio le Fea H3 || Ode H3 || Still Life H3 || Neo Rockabilly H3 (or here) || Circular Skirt A3 (or here) || Q-Bee A3 || Unforgiven A3 || Space Pilot Suit A3/H3 || Space Suit A3


cave-clothes-mil3-gen4 cavefolk-textures bossy-boots

Cave Clothes M4V4M3V3 || Cave Clothes textures || Bossy Boots V4 (these have been removed), plus refits for M4, H4, K4, A3, H3, and Mil Baby 3 (the refits include the boot geometry, so you can use them even if you don’t have the original V4 boots.)

Edited to add: Headkase, the creator of Bossy Boots and Sensible Shoes, has given his permission for limited redistribution of these files. I have most of these files; email me if you’d like a zip file and agree to Headkase’s TOU.

Various Costume-Friendly Footwear:

leafy-boots-v4 mountan-blue-boots-m4 simple-boots-m4 medieval-boots-shoes-m4v4 dress-boots-m4 elf-sandals-m4 saddle-shoes-h3 saddle-shoes-a3

Leafy Boots V4 || Mountain Blues Boots M4 || Simple Boots M4 || Medieval Boots and Shoes M4V4 || Dress Boots M4; texture add-on here || Elf Sandals M4 || Saddle Shoes H3/A3 (or here and here)

* I have a dirty/distressed texture add-on for this: Dirty Deeds Rococo.

The listing is light on super hero items because I don’t render them very much. There are a lot of these outfits and prop extras at both Renderosity and ShareCG (check out joequick’s gallery.)

A good place to check for textures for free items is Chohole’s website.

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Halloween Freebie: Even More Clown Stuff

Texture add-ons for K4 Regency Suit and Fantasy Outfit, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Clothing texture add-ons for Pippin, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: First download includes textures for two K4 outfits. One is a set of sparkly textures for the Fantasy Outfit K4 (which is no longer available.) The other two are textures for the suit from Regency Boy K4 (but ignore the “boy” part; the outfit is unisex.) Textures for the outfits only, but I included a refit to K4 for the M4 Short Dreads and the red hair mat.

Second download includes a few outfit textures to go along with the Pippin clown/doll set. Requires the Tights and Mary-Jane Shoes set (also here), Pants and T-Shirt set (page 2 of the Pippin Section), Little Dress set (page 4 of the Pippin section), Overalls, and Cap and Sneakers set (page 2 of the Pippin section.) A second skin shirt is included for use with the overalls. It’s a neutral gray and can be re-colored in the diffuse channel. I’m not a big fan of fake buttons and bows, but they have their uses. Button-less and bow-less options available.

A few multicolor textures for the M4 Short Dreads are coming soon. The K4 refit is a quickie one, and for whatever reason the pz2 exporter script messes up the y-translation setting. It’s not a huge problem, but it’ll likely be necessary to ease the hair prop down a smidgen even after applying the refit pose.

As usual, I need to point out that while I can convert .dsa files to .pz2 format, I don’t own Poser and can’t test the files. As far as I know, the mat presets apply with no problems, but surface settings may need to be adjusted.

Credits: M4 Short Dreads, Halloween Candy Bucket, K4 Sneakers (page 9 of the DAZ People section), and M4 Deely-Boppers (sadly, no longer available for downloading.)

Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Halloween Adults Part 1

From now through early October, Halloween freebies for the big kids…

Character Textures for V4/A4/G4/SP4:

yuki-onna-v4 lydia-v4 circus-freak-bw-v4 little-devil-v4  v4-the-evil ghoul-v4 kiko-v4 daemonessa alyda-v4 bellatrice-v4 geisha-psd-v4 v4-clown-nose

Yuki-Onna V4 || Lydia V4 || Circus Freak B/W V4 || Little Devil V4 || The Evil V4 || Ghoul V4 || Kiko A4 || Daemonessa V4 (updated version) || Alyda V4 || Bellatrice V4 || Geisha V4 PSD || Clown V4 PSD

NOTE: Edited 2/8/2015; rendercandy.com is gone, sadly, but added links to the waybackmachine. Edited again to add that many of these textures are now here.

Character Textures for M4/H4/F4:

the-monster-m4 m4-yan-gant drake-m4 akar-h4m4 comic-hero-m4

Frankenstein M4 || Yan-gant-y-tan M4 || Drake M4 || Akar H4/M4 || Comic Hero M4

NOTE: The materials are a little messed up on Frankenstein. DS users can download my fixed preset. Right click and save as: MAT Frank.dsa

Character Textures for M3/V3/D3/A3/H3:

melurione-v3 ooze-v3 borg-v3 borg-m3 zombie-v3 bad-eliza-v3

Ooze V3 || Melurione V3 || Borg V3 || Borg M3 || Zombie V3 || Bad Eliza V3

NOTE: If you have a texture converter or work with re-mapped M4/V4/K4 figures, many of these Gen4 textures are reasonably unisex (except for any genital details, of course.) UTC2 owners can also convert Mil3 textures to Gen4, and vice versa. The clown PSD fits over M4’s face with a minimal of fiddling. The Mil3 figures can all wear the same textures, for the most part. There’s an extra leg material zone for A3 and H3, so that would need to be updated in the surfaces tab.

Wings, Claws, Spooky Eyes, and Fangs:

0flutterby-wings broken-wings claws-m3 claws-m4 claws-v3 claws-v4 nail-extensions-m4 nail-extensions-v4 monster-parts-gen2 swashy-props rainbow-nails-v4 rainbow-lashes-v4 fantasy-eyes-for-v-4 unnatural-eyes-m4 vampire-fangs-m4 vampire-fangs-v4

Flutterby Wings (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Broken Wings || Claws for M4 / V4 and M3 / V3 || Nail Extensions for  M4 and V4 || Monster Parts Gen2 (no longer available) || Swashy Pirate Parts || Rainbow Nails V4 || Rainbow Lashes V4 || Fantasy Eyes V4 || Unnatural Eyes M4 || Fang Morphs for M4 and  V4 || More wing props here

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Halloween Freebie: Send in the Clowns K4 and Pippin

Send in the Clowns, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Send in the Clowns for Pippin, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: First download requires only the K4 base, as I didn’t include any face dial morphs. I created the set because commercial clown character sets for K4 are lacking a bit in diversity. Textures are unisex, so you can use them with any of your favorite K4 morphs. The set includes four skin tones with two clown face paint styles each, four eye maps, four lash options, and three nail options. The skin textures are very simple. There are some details, but they’re not photo-realistic. If more realism is needed, add the clown face PSD from Most Digital Creations to any existing K4 character texture (just remember to save the new head texture with a different file name!)

Second download is a clown/doll texture set for Pippin (requires Pippin Basket; click on the Pippin section on the left menu.) There are four skin tones with two face styles each, five eye colors, a multicolor lash option, a red fingernail option, a clownish texture for the hair, and three clownish styles for the diaper, which also match the leaf band bow for the hair. A fit for M4 Short Dreads to Pippin is included, as well as the cherry-red hair mat (I have one of these for K4 too, in next week’s freebie.)

Again, Poser users will likely need to tweak the surface settings. I can convert .dsa files to .pz2, but since I don’t own Poser, I can’t test the results.

A few more images inside…

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