Halloween Freebie: Dark Angel for V4

Dark Angel V4, for DS and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Requires Morphs ++ and the Aiko 4 morphs.

Originally I’d intended to upload only the eye textures, but ended up including a texture and a character (adapted from Nora, adding a bit of Aiko 4.) It’s not a high-resolution skin, but it works pretty well with these eye textures (which can also be used on M4.) I guess I’m partial to scary-looking angels.

So there are nine iris colors, three sclera/lacrimal styles, six makeup options, three eyebrow transmaps, three eyelashes options, three nail colors, a red/black mix lash map, and an option to turn off the eye reflection. For DS 3+ and Poser 5+. Not tested in Poser; surfaces will probably need adjusting.

Death vs Lil Death: “How many times do I have to tell you the scythe is just for show?!”

Presets preview, more images inside…

included presets
Death Comes for Tea
Scary or cute?
Elegantly odd too…

Credits: Steampunk Bob, Kenzi Outfit V4, Lady of the Lake V4, Bettine’s Sekrets, Malaik Wings, Dead Bunny, Nouveau Vignette, Lil Death Godfrey, Aged for V4/M4, 1930s Dress V4, Koz’s Updo V3 with the Mature UpDo textures, Victoria’s Changing Eyewear, parts of A Curious Tea, Carnations, RX Props, Old Phones, Usapho Sculpture, and the Blank Room and its extras, which was part of a DAZ PA Xmas give-away some years back.

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