Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Halloween Kids Part 1

Freebies for party props and costuming kids, starting with character textures, clothing, and hair. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list; I’m only including favorites from what I’ve already installed and which are mostly DS-friendly. Some freebies can be re-sized to different figures or re-textured to fit a Halloween theme, and others have potential with clothing and/or texture converters.

Character Textures:

jak-k4 sal-k4 piper-k4 clown-psd-k4

Jak K4 || Sal K4 || Piper K4  (also here) || Clown Makeup PSD K4

Costume-Friendly Clothing/Full Costumes:

galadriel-k4 galadriel-luke-laura pink-nightmare fantasy-outfit-k4 barbarian-boy-k4 elf-outfit-k4 pjs-k4 fun-for-pjs-k4 jamika-outfit party-princess-k4 alien-force-k4 alien-force-helmet-m4  kit-pumpkin-outfit lina-clown

Galadriel Dess & Tunic K4 and Luke/Laura || Pink Nightmare K4 || Fantasy Outfit K4 || Barbarian Boy K4 || Elf Outfit K4 || Conforming PJs K4 || PJ Fun for PJs K4 || Jamika Outfit || Party Princess K4 || Space Costume K4 || Space Helmet K4 (removed) || Kit Pumpkin Costume, outfit converts okay to K4 || Little Clown for Lina; clown collar/hat

Costume-able Character Hair:

seadogs-hair koz-updo gnomie-buns-hair narcissy-gold-hair-k4 upside-down-hair-v4 merry-hair spiral-twin-tail-hair western-hat-with-hairhair-troll doll

Seadog Hair || Koz Updo || Gnomie Buns || Narcissy Gold Hair K4 || Upside Down Hair; has a “Bride of Frankenstein” texture || Merry Hair || Spiral Twin Tails || Western Hat with Hair || Troll Droll Hair

Trick-Or-Treating Props:

trick-or-treat-bucket pumpkin-tote halloween-bag flashlight3

Candy Bucket || Pumpkin Tote || Halloween Bag || Flashlight

Halloween Party Props:

halloween-party-props pumpkin-garland pumpkin-lights party-lanterns balloons balloon web-props morphing-web moon-star locked-coffin witchy-cauldron pumpkin_carving hay-bale hay-bales jack-o-lanterns picnic-table j-o-lantern beware-sign cornucopias harvest-fruits-veggies ghost halloween-cutouts jacko-lolli halloween-candy-cookies toffee-apple italian-food-tables pop-cans ouija-board

Halloween Party Props || Pumpkin Garland || Pumpkin Lights || Party Lanterns || Balloons || Balloon || Web Prop || Morphing Web || Moon & Stars || Coffin || Witchy Cauldron || Pumpkin Carving || Hay Bale || Hay Bales || Jack-O-Lanterns || Picnic Table || J-O Lantern || Beware Sign || Cornucopias || Harvest Bounty | Ghost || Halloween Cut-Outs || Jacko-Lolli || Halloween Candy/Cookies || Toffee Apples (or here) || Italian Restaurant Tables, Pizza || Pop Cans || Ouija Board

Scenes/Rooms for Frightful Backdrops, Trick-Or-Treating, and Partying:

halloween-2012-set wood-old-house halloween-house spooky-manorscary-basement  haunted-house city-street-free cozy-cottages grafitti-wall minimalist-backdrop floors-n-walls art-corner the-monster-lab corn-row corn-stalk the-pumpkin

Halloween 2012 Scene || Wood Old House || Halloween House || Spooky Manor || Scary Basement || Toon Haunted House || City Street Free || Cozy Cottages || Graffiti Wall; has a non-graffiti option || Minimalist Backdrop || Floors-N-Walls || Art Corner || Frankenstein Lab || Corn Row || The Corn Stalk || The Pumpkin, for DS and Poser

The “What I Did With It” would be (most recently) the image in this month’s sticky post. 😀 Jak and Sal convert nicely to H4 and A4. Edited to add that I also used The Cornstalk and The Pumpkin (both have lots of morphs.)


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