Halloween Freebie: Baron Samedi for M4

Baron Samedi M4, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: The dial morph (just a face this time) requires Morphs ++ and Elite Ethnic Faces for M4.

I’d planned on doing a different character, since Baron Samedi’s skull-face likeness is pretty popular. I considered Papa Legba, but after looking at the various images depicting him — and disregarding the ones where he’s looking just like Baron Samedi — I decided that, visually, he wasn’t as interesting as the Baron. So, the Baron it is.

The merchant resource I used is an old one and it has some visible seams on close-ups. I figure it’s less of an issue if the Baron is wearing his signature black suit and hat (or you do a lot of postwork, like me.) I gave him an option for human eyes in case he’s masquerading as some regular guy wearing a Halloween costume. Poser users will likely need to adjust settings.

Samedi vs Samedi: “Put. That. Down. Now. You’re scaring Dead Bunny.”

A couple more images inside…

The Baron will see you now…
prev_baron samedi02
Full-sized version of the preview image

Credits: Tuxedo for M4, N-Hat, beads from Voo-Gras Pack for Samedi, Staff Pack, Backdrops Exp. 3 Groty Places for Backdrops Made Easy, The Marquis M4, Cat and Rat Bundle, Steampunk Top Hat, Skull Throne, Bone Table, Christmas Candle Prop, Dead Bunny, M4 Jewelry Pack 2 & 5; M4 Chain Necklace, Bullet Pendants, M4 Short Dreads Hair, Nouveau Vignette, Noggin’s Rat, Noggin’s Crows, Samedi, Soto’s Bandana for F4.

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