Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Halloween Kids Part 2

A few costuming extras. I’m including toon props because they’re easily fitted to other characters, and costume stuff tends to be kind of fake-looking anyway.

Witch Props:

witchy-bits-maddie witch-hat-k4 witchy-hat witchy-star-hat little-witch-ps-girls witches-broom moon-broom witch-staff

Witchy Bits  for Maddie || Witch Hat K4 || Witch Hat || Witchy Star Hat (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Little Witch for PS; includes hat, chin, nose, broom || Witch’s Broom || Moon Broom || Witch’s Staff

Queens, Princesses, Princes, and Fairies:

killer-queen-crown-v4 toon-crown-1 toon-crown-2 dagonessa-propssugarplum-accessories magic-wands sadie-fairy-cosplay star-wand magic-wand universal-wings-2 fairy-wings-1 q-bee-a3

Killer Queen Crown V4 || Toon Crown || Sam Toon Crown || Dagonessa V2 Props || SugarPlum Jewels V4 || Magic Wands || Sadie Fairy Cosplay; fairy hat/wand || Star Wand || Magic Wand || Universal Wings 2 || Faerie Wings || A3 Q-Bee

Unisex and Boy-Friendly Stuff:

dennis-props toon-police-set adventure-gear raygun fantasy-ranger-ps turban-g2 travel-bag bundle-on-a-stick medals old-west-badges swashy-props

Dennis Props || Toon Police Props || RDNA Adventure Gear || Ray Gun || PS Fantasy Ranger; toy bow/arrow || Charmer G2 || Travel Bag || Bundle on a Stick ||  Medals || Old West Badges || Buckling Gear; includes pirate hook, peg leg, weapons, and beard/mustache

Devils, Angels, and Monsters:

lil-devil-cookie mini-angel-set screws-chip

Lil Devil for Cookie|| Mini Angel Set || Frankeinstoon Screws for Chip

Head Gear, Hats, Masks, and Disguises:

pumpkin-head jack-o scarecrow-matt frog-mask-v4 bunny-ears-k4 nekoo-ears-sam cat-and-bunny-ears baron-samedi-hat  morphing-st-pat-hat robin-hood-hat-m4 v4-clown-nose mask-k4 paper-masks funny-disguise incognito

Pumpkin Head * || Jack-O * || Matt Scarecrow Head ** || Frog Mask V4 (site has adult content) || Bunny Ears K4 || Sam Neko Ears || Bunny & Cat Ears || Baron Samedi Hat || Morphing St. Patrick’s Day Hat || Robin Hood Hat M4 || Clown Nose V4 ||  K4 Mask || Paper Masks || Funny Disguise || Incognito  (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”)  ***

* Pumpkin Head can be used on any figure body. Jack-O comes with both a complete figure and just a pumpkin head.

** There is also a morphing figure here, to use with these expression morphs.

*** I have various character refits for Incognito here.


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