Halloween Freebie: Send in the Clowns K4 and Pippin

Send in the Clowns, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Send in the Clowns for Pippin, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: First download requires only the K4 base, as I didn’t include any face dial morphs. I created the set because commercial clown character sets for K4 are lacking a bit in diversity. Textures are unisex, so you can use them with any of your favorite K4 morphs. The set includes four skin tones with two clown face paint styles each, four eye maps, four lash options, and three nail options. The skin textures are very simple. There are some details, but they’re not photo-realistic. If more realism is needed, add the clown face PSD from Most Digital Creations to any existing K4 character texture (just remember to save the new head texture with a different file name!)

Second download is a clown/doll texture set for Pippin (requires Pippin Basket; click on the Pippin section on the left menu.) There are four skin tones with two face styles each, five eye colors, a multicolor lash option, a red fingernail option, a clownish texture for the hair, and three clownish styles for the diaper, which also match the leaf band bow for the hair. A fit for M4 Short Dreads to Pippin is included, as well as the cherry-red hair mat (I have one of these for K4 too, in next week’s freebie.)

Again, Poser users will likely need to tweak the surface settings. I can convert .dsa files to .pz2, but since I don’t own Poser, I can’t test the results.

A few more images inside…

character textures only, no face morphs
Set #04
Pippin Dolls — clothing texture add-on here

Credits: V4 Renaissance Neck Ruffs; M4 Short Dreads Hair, KiriTe Hair II, Beautiful Black Hairstyles, Knotty Tails V4, Jael Hair, M4 Sailor Hat, and Toon Salon Hair #3.

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