Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Halloween Adults Part 1

From now through early October, Halloween freebies for the big kids…

Character Textures for V4/A4/G4/SP4:

yuki-onna-v4 lydia-v4 circus-freak-bw-v4 little-devil-v4  v4-the-evil ghoul-v4 kiko-v4 daemonessa alyda-v4 bellatrice-v4 geisha-psd-v4 v4-clown-nose

Yuki-Onna V4 || Lydia V4 || Circus Freak B/W V4 || Little Devil V4 || The Evil V4 || Ghoul V4 || Kiko A4 || Daemonessa V4 (updated version) || Alyda V4 || Bellatrice V4 || Geisha V4 PSD || Clown V4 PSD

NOTE: Edited 2/8/2015; rendercandy.com is gone, sadly, but added links to the waybackmachine. Edited again to add that many of these textures are now here.

Character Textures for M4/H4/F4:

the-monster-m4 m4-yan-gant drake-m4 akar-h4m4 comic-hero-m4

Frankenstein M4 || Yan-gant-y-tan M4 || Drake M4 || Akar H4/M4 || Comic Hero M4

NOTE: The materials are a little messed up on Frankenstein. DS users can download my fixed preset. Right click and save as: MAT Frank.dsa

Character Textures for M3/V3/D3/A3/H3:

melurione-v3 ooze-v3 borg-v3 borg-m3 zombie-v3 bad-eliza-v3

Ooze V3 || Melurione V3 || Borg V3 || Borg M3 || Zombie V3 || Bad Eliza V3

NOTE: If you have a texture converter or work with re-mapped M4/V4/K4 figures, many of these Gen4 textures are reasonably unisex (except for any genital details, of course.) UTC2 owners can also convert Mil3 textures to Gen4, and vice versa. The clown PSD fits over M4’s face with a minimal of fiddling. The Mil3 figures can all wear the same textures, for the most part. There’s an extra leg material zone for A3 and H3, so that would need to be updated in the surfaces tab.

Wings, Claws, Spooky Eyes, and Fangs:

0flutterby-wings broken-wings claws-m3 claws-m4 claws-v3 claws-v4 nail-extensions-m4 nail-extensions-v4 monster-parts-gen2 swashy-props rainbow-nails-v4 rainbow-lashes-v4 fantasy-eyes-for-v-4 unnatural-eyes-m4 vampire-fangs-m4 vampire-fangs-v4

Flutterby Wings (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Broken Wings || Claws for M4 / V4 and M3 / V3 || Nail Extensions for  M4 and V4 || Monster Parts Gen2 (no longer available) || Swashy Pirate Parts || Rainbow Nails V4 || Rainbow Lashes V4 || Fantasy Eyes V4 || Unnatural Eyes M4 || Fang Morphs for M4 and  V4 || More wing props here

The “what I did with it” — most recently anyway — inside…

Akar, transformed into “kindly” Death
Yuki-onna, the Snow Woman

Credits: Used the Death Robe (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) and Scythe, the V4 Conforming Kimono with the Kitsune Kimono textures, Nabia Hair, One Tree Hill, Let It Snow DS Shader, backgrounds from The Forgotten and To the Sky, and Creepy Quotes brushes.

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