Halloween Freebie: Even More Clown Stuff

Texture add-ons for K4 Regency Suit and Fantasy Outfit, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Clothing texture add-ons for Pippin, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: First download includes textures for two K4 outfits. One is a set of sparkly textures for the Fantasy Outfit K4 (which is no longer available.) The other two are textures for the suit from Regency Boy K4 (but ignore the “boy” part; the outfit is unisex.) Textures for the outfits only, but I included a refit to K4 for the M4 Short Dreads and the red hair mat.

Second download includes a few outfit textures to go along with the Pippin clown/doll set. Requires the Tights and Mary-Jane Shoes set (also here), Pants and T-Shirt set (page 2 of the Pippin Section), Little Dress set (page 4 of the Pippin section), Overalls, and Cap and Sneakers set (page 2 of the Pippin section.) A second skin shirt is included for use with the overalls. It’s a neutral gray and can be re-colored in the diffuse channel. I’m not a big fan of fake buttons and bows, but they have their uses. Button-less and bow-less options available.

A few multicolor textures for the M4 Short Dreads are coming soon. The K4 refit is a quickie one, and for whatever reason the pz2 exporter script messes up the y-translation setting. It’s not a huge problem, but it’ll likely be necessary to ease the hair prop down a smidgen even after applying the refit pose.

As usual, I need to point out that while I can convert .dsa files to .pz2 format, I don’t own Poser and can’t test the files. As far as I know, the mat presets apply with no problems, but surface settings may need to be adjusted.

Credits: M4 Short Dreads, Halloween Candy Bucket, K4 Sneakers (page 9 of the DAZ People section), and M4 Deely-Boppers (sadly, no longer available for downloading.)


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