Happy Halloween!

I had fun with stuff last month. Hopefully visitors found the Halloween listings and freebies useful as well. Will have to think of what to do for the upcoming winter holiday season.

I ended up so busy this month that I hardly had time to render any Halloween themes. Oh, the irony.

I did manage to do this one a few days ago, though it was more a case of taking the character out for a test drive than anything else:

Halloween 2013

RDNA’s Bloodwyn V4, along with DAZ’s Esidor Hair V4, Urban Fae V4, and T-Others V4.

Bloodwyn’s a delightfully creepy little thing. 😀

REC Toon Tones for Gen4

Gen4 Toon Tones for DAZ Studio 3 + and Poser 5+

DOWNLOAD: DAZ Studio Version || Poser Version

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Toon-ish skin tones, eyes, lashes, brows, and eye reflections for the Gen4 characters. For DS users, Toon Hair/Brow/Lash material presets, makeup for V4, and freckle overlays for V4 and M4 are also included.

*** The overlays will not show up until the scene is rendered. ***

There are a few separate overlays for the lips and face, as well as all-in-one presets. I tried to make this as diverse as possible, with many different skin tones, but there are some limitations. It’s only possible to add one overlay map per face and lip material zone. For example, you can add a lip color preset and a freckles preset, but you can’t add both a freckles preset and a blush preset along with the lip preset. Feel free to ask questions if you’re confused. 😀

Although the presets for the shaders and overlays will not work in Poser, the overlay maps can be added manually in the material room. These are included in the texture folder of the Poser zip file.

Lips and fingernails are colored slightly darker than the main skin tone. If you want to color the figure’s nipples, you can copy the settings from the lips. For lighter lips, increase the diffuse strength from 94% to 100%.

I haven’t given up on some of the other overlays previously mentioned, but since I have no idea when I’ll get around to working on them, I decided to just go ahead and upload the main files. If you’ve installed either of the Toon Tones for Sadie and Sam sets, it’s okay to overwrite the existing color tone maps in the “toons” folder.

REQUIRED: The material presets will work on all Gen 4 figure.

That said, the non-colorized skin tones are 3000 x 3000 color blocks, so they can be used for any figure, although you will have to manually apply the materials.

Preset previews inside…

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Toon-ish Dial Morphs for V4/A4 and M4/H4

Character dial morphs, for DAZ Studio and Poser
Top, L – R: Aine, Aiko Toon 01, Lady LaMourna, Lord LaMorte
Bottom, L – R: Hiro Toon 01, Hiro Toon 02


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Info: Three character dial morphs for V4/A4 and three for M4/H4. A bit of variety, from an anime-ish look to fantasy-toon. The bottom two Hiro4 characters include custom No Nostril morphs, and Hiro Toon 01 comes with a Triangle Nose shape that can also be used with the No Nostril morph.

Additional info and notes in the readme file. It would be a good idea to read that one. 😛 Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if something isn’t quite clear.


* Aine V4 and Lady LaMourna require Morphia and Morphs ++
* Aiko Toon 01 requires A4, Faerime, and Morphs ++
* H4 Toon 01, Toon 02, and Lord LaMorte require H4, Morphus, and Morphs ++

Credits: First, a big “thank you!” to fivecat for the No Nostril and Triangle Nose morphs for H4. They’re wonderful!

Aine is wearing Wiccanya Hair Nature V4, accessories from Gaia V4, and the V3 Day/Night texture (converted to V4; no longer for sale); Aiko Toon’s credits are already listed here; Lady LaMourna is wearing Sheriwyn V4 Hair (with these textures) and Fantasy Ranger V4; Lord LaMorte is wearing Caleb Hair and Fantasy Ranger M4; Hiro Toon 01 is wearing Anime Hair Set 01 and Slayer M4 (no longer available for sale), and Hiro Toon 02 is wearing Miki Hair H3 and the ATAC Suit M4. Also used AnimEyes for A4 H4.

WIP: Gen4 Toon Tones Update #2

Toon Tones, coming…soon!

The textures and presets are done and all I have to do now is pack them into zip archives — separate ones for DS and Poser users this time — and then make previews.

Also planning on offering a few toon dial morphs for both V4/A4 and M4/H4. I have to make new thumbs, as the ones I make for myself tend to be a little sloppy.  😛  One of the H4 morphs needs a head-only preset, most of them need eye fixes — the more extreme toon morphs always seem to need these — and I want to double-check the pz2 files to make sure they work okay.

These dial morphs all require the Morphus, Morphia, or Faerime sets in addition to the H4/A4 and M4/V4 Morphs ++ add-ons. I recommend picking up Capsces morph sets, if you don’t already have them. They’re expensive, but go on sale over at DAZ — sometimes up to 50% off — a few times a year.

Halloween Freebie: Tragic Poet for M4

Tragic Poet M4, for DAZ Studio and Poser – dial morph character only


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A dial morph character for M4 inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. ‘Tis the season to recall the author of lots of spooky stories, some of which were made into delightfully campy movies. I’m still rather fond of The Raven and The Pit and the Pendulum.

I couldn’t manage a 100% Poe likeness, but it’s fairly close. Google image search brought up just front views, no profile ones, so that complicated the dialing a bit. The forehead/temples really should be more bulbous, but…at least hair props won’t be too hard to fit on him? Anyway, feel free to tinker away with the morph and improve upon it. (The mustache is all wrong, I know, but the beard prop didn’t have many ‘stache options.)

Required: M4’s Morphs ++, Morphus, Aged M4, and Elite Ethnic Faces M4. Yup, another one of those “kitchen sink” characters. 🙂

A couple more images inside…

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