Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Halloween Adults Part 3

The end, whew! After compiling these lists, I’m a little embarrassed by the bounty of freebies sitting around my runtime. 😮 I’m sure I’ve missed some excellent freebies, but as I mentioned at the beginning, I listed only what I happened to already have installed. I’m sure by this time next year, I’ll have added more to my list.

More Costume-Friendly Hair:

gothic-curls-v4 rococo-hair 18thc-wig-m4 takashimada-hair-v4 koz-short-hair-evo koz-long-hair-evo koz-messy-hair monk-hair-m4

Gothic Curls V4 || Rococo Hair || 18th C. Wig M4 || Takashimada Hair V4 || Koz’s V3 Hair: Long Hair Evo, Short Hair Evo, and Messy Hair * || Monk Hair M4 || Additional hair props listed here

More Glasses:

pince-nez-m4-v4 sunglasses-v4m4 glasses-m4v4 M4-hipster-glasses

Pince Nez V4M4 || Sunglasses V4M4 || Glasses M4V4 || Hipster Glasses M4 || Also, see list here

More Head Gear:

hat-collection-m4 hat-collection-v4 bandana-m4 crown leon-cap executioner-hood-m4 neck-ruffs-v4m4 desert-rose-veil-v4 morphing-witch-hat hag-bag tricorne-hat-m4 n-hat-m4 apocalyptic-xtras oni-horns-m4-v4 blind-oracle-veil-a3 Day8Main

Hat Collections for M4 and V4 || Soto Bandanas || Crown || Leon Knit Cap M4 || Executioner Hood M4 || Neck Ruffs || Desert Rose Veil V4 || Morphing Witch Hat || Hag Bag || Tricorne Hat M4 || N-Hat M4 || Post Apocalyptic Accessories || Oni Horns M4V4 || Blind Oracle Veil A3 || M4 Phantom Mask Steampunk || Also, see this post for more witch and princess/fairy props and this one for even more head gear

More Costume Props:

death-scythe scythe-m4-v4 ug-figure-and-props ep-devil-tale devil-trident night-wings ghost-hunting-equip props-vampire hunting kit scary-cherry skelly-bear samedi LittleMummyPromo dead-bunny cutie-skull-earrings gothic-cross-earrings hoop-pentacle-earrings pumpkin-jack-earrings sherlock-props victorian-fan gothic-parasol op-collar gibson-guitar eye-ball props-chain saw

Death Scythe (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Scythe M4/V4 ||  UG, caveman xtras || Devil Tail/Horns || Devil Trident || Night Wings || Ghost Hunting Props || Vampire Hunting Props || Scary Cherry || Skelly Bear || Samedi || Little Mummy || Dead Bunny || Cutie Skull Earrings || Gothic Cross Earrings || Hoop Pentagram Earrings || Pumpkin Jack Earrings || Sherlock Holmes Props || Victorian Fan || Gothic Parasol || OP Collar || Gibson Guitar || Eye Ball || Chainsaw || Additional props here

More Settings and Scenic Props:

predictions cemetary the-crypt mausoleum  props-angel of death props-angel of mercy bone-pile expressive-skull hanging-corpse sunny-backyard walkway secret-garden holiday-lights blowing-leaves animals-scatter bats raven

Predictions (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Cemetery || Crypt || Fantasy Mausoleum || Angel of Death || Angel of Mercy || Bone Pile ** || Expressive Skull || Hanging Corpse Prop || RV Backyard || Walkway || Secret Garden || Holiday Lights; can be recolored || Blowing Leaves || Bat Scatter || Raven || Other scenes and scene props here

More Food and Drinks:

punch-bowl 16oz-Cans pilsner-foam drinks-and-props

Punchbowl ||  16 oz Drink Cans || Pilsners || Drinks || More munchies here


candy-pix-pd public-domain-hair-textures halloween-texture-resource divabug-halloween-treats nature-fog nature-lightning nature-rain 1 poses-v4-zombie

Halloween Candy || Public Domain Hair Textures || Season Package Resource || Halloween Treats || Atmospherics Fog || Atmospherics Lightning || Atmospherics Rain || Zombie Poses V4

The Halloween candy is a public domain image: apply to a primitive for a quick and easy way to show trick-or-treating loot. (It includes brand-name candy, though, so I’d caution against using it for any commercial work.)

The hair textures are a bonus included in the Wedge Cut set. Even if you’re not interested in the Wedge Cut add-ons, the bonus hair textures are useful, especially for texturing older freebie hair props.

Also included a couple texture resources for making Halloween-themed clothing, some “weather” props — I bought a couple of these some years back; they’re resource-intensive if you use any lighting with occlusion or raytracing — and a set of zombie poses for V4, which can also be used for M4. (Considering the popularity of zombies, I’m surprised there aren’t more of these poses.)

* The Short Hair Evo and Long Hair Evo lie close to the head, so they’re a little more hat-friendly than most hair props. Also, I have a texture add-on for Messy Hair: Messy Hair Streaks.

** If looking for bone props, Mortem Vetus freebies is the place to go.


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