Halloween Freebie: Tragic Poet for M4

Tragic Poet M4, for DAZ Studio and Poser – dial morph character only


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A dial morph character for M4 inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. ‘Tis the season to recall the author of lots of spooky stories, some of which were made into delightfully campy movies. I’m still rather fond of The Raven and The Pit and the Pendulum.

I couldn’t manage a 100% Poe likeness, but it’s fairly close. Google image search brought up just front views, no profile ones, so that complicated the dialing a bit. The forehead/temples really should be more bulbous, but…at least hair props won’t be too hard to fit on him? Anyway, feel free to tinker away with the morph and improve upon it. (The mustache is all wrong, I know, but the beard prop didn’t have many ‘stache options.)

Required: M4’s Morphs ++, Morphus, Aged M4, and Elite Ethnic Faces M4. Yup, another one of those “kitchen sink” characters. 🙂

A couple more images inside…

Tragic Poet M4, untextured detail
“Once upon a midnight dreary…”

Credits: P3D Jake & Jeffrey M4, Timeless Male Hair M4, Beard for M4, The Marquis M4, Regency M4, background by FairieGoodMother, Spacenewt’s Creepy Quotes brushes, and postwork effect in the last one done in Filter Forge.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Freebie: Tragic Poet for M4

  1. Thanks for your comment on the Tragic Poet morph, Saruna, and on Dark Angel and Baron Samedi too. Have a little Halloween fun with them! 🙂

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