WIP: Gen4 Toon Tones Update #2

Toon Tones, coming…soon!

The textures and presets are done and all I have to do now is pack them into zip archives — separate ones for DS and Poser users this time — and then make previews.

Also planning on offering a few toon dial morphs for both V4/A4 and M4/H4. I have to make new thumbs, as the ones I make for myself tend to be a little sloppy.  😛  One of the H4 morphs needs a head-only preset, most of them need eye fixes — the more extreme toon morphs always seem to need these — and I want to double-check the pz2 files to make sure they work okay.

These dial morphs all require the Morphus, Morphia, or Faerime sets in addition to the H4/A4 and M4/V4 Morphs ++ add-ons. I recommend picking up Capsces morph sets, if you don’t already have them. They’re expensive, but go on sale over at DAZ — sometimes up to 50% off — a few times a year.


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