REC Toon Tones for Gen4

Gen4 Toon Tones for DAZ Studio 3 + and Poser 5+

DOWNLOAD: DAZ Studio Version || Poser Version

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Toon-ish skin tones, eyes, lashes, brows, and eye reflections for the Gen4 characters. For DS users, Toon Hair/Brow/Lash material presets, makeup for V4, and freckle overlays for V4 and M4 are also included.

*** The overlays will not show up until the scene is rendered. ***

There are a few separate overlays for the lips and face, as well as all-in-one presets. I tried to make this as diverse as possible, with many different skin tones, but there are some limitations. It’s only possible to add one overlay map per face and lip material zone. For example, you can add a lip color preset and a freckles preset, but you can’t add both a freckles preset and a blush preset along with the lip preset. Feel free to ask questions if you’re confused. 😀

Although the presets for the shaders and overlays will not work in Poser, the overlay maps can be added manually in the material room. These are included in the texture folder of the Poser zip file.

Lips and fingernails are colored slightly darker than the main skin tone. If you want to color the figure’s nipples, you can copy the settings from the lips. For lighter lips, increase the diffuse strength from 94% to 100%.

I haven’t given up on some of the other overlays previously mentioned, but since I have no idea when I’ll get around to working on them, I decided to just go ahead and upload the main files. If you’ve installed either of the Toon Tones for Sadie and Sam sets, it’s okay to overwrite the existing color tone maps in the “toons” folder.

REQUIRED: The material presets will work on all Gen 4 figure.

That said, the non-colorized skin tones are 3000 x 3000 color blocks, so they can be used for any figure, although you will have to manually apply the materials.

Preset previews inside…

Skin Tones
Eye, Lacrimal, and Mouth Presets
Eye Lash and Eyebrow Presets
Eye Reflections
Face Overlay Presets, DS Only
Hair, Lash, and Eyebrow Shaders (DS Only)

Credits: Aiko4 is wearing the Wonderland Alice Dress, with the Alys texture, and LittleBusters Saya’s Hair, textured with one of the Toon Hair shaders here. The presets I used on A4 are Tone 07, Eyes Anime Black, Toon Lashes 01, Toon Brows V4 02, Toon Reflection 02, and Lips V4 Pink.


5 thoughts on “REC Toon Tones for Gen4

  1. I finally got around to testing this in Poser. It’s great! Not all of the tones turn out the way you’d expect, but that’s no biggie. I love being able to put hearts or dollar signs in characters’ pupils. Dunno when I’ll actually use this for a render, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do.

    • Thanks, Will! That’s good to know. Not too surprised some might look a little funky in Poser, as I used some DS tricks…and, well, these are old…

      There are now sets like this for various Genesis figures but I can’t recall something similar for the Generation 4 folks. Toony skins are apparently more popular now.

      I’d LOVE to see whatever you do with these. 🙂

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