Toon-ish Dial Morphs for V4/A4 and M4/H4

Character dial morphs, for DAZ Studio and Poser
Top, L – R: Aine, Aiko Toon 01, Lady LaMourna, Lord LaMorte
Bottom, L – R: Hiro Toon 01, Hiro Toon 02


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Info: Three character dial morphs for V4/A4 and three for M4/H4. A bit of variety, from an anime-ish look to fantasy-toon. The bottom two Hiro4 characters include custom No Nostril morphs, and Hiro Toon 01 comes with a Triangle Nose shape that can also be used with the No Nostril morph.

Additional info and notes in the readme file. It would be a good idea to read that one. 😛 Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if something isn’t quite clear.


* Aine V4 and Lady LaMourna require Morphia and Morphs ++
* Aiko Toon 01 requires A4, Faerime, and Morphs ++
* H4 Toon 01, Toon 02, and Lord LaMorte require H4, Morphus, and Morphs ++

Credits: First, a big “thank you!” to fivecat for the No Nostril and Triangle Nose morphs for H4. They’re wonderful!

Aine is wearing Wiccanya Hair Nature V4, accessories from Gaia V4, and the V3 Day/Night texture (converted to V4; no longer for sale); Aiko Toon’s credits are already listed here; Lady LaMourna is wearing Sheriwyn V4 Hair (with these textures) and Fantasy Ranger V4; Lord LaMorte is wearing Caleb Hair and Fantasy Ranger M4; Hiro Toon 01 is wearing Anime Hair Set 01 and Slayer M4 (no longer available for sale), and Hiro Toon 02 is wearing Miki Hair H3 and the ATAC Suit M4. Also used AnimEyes for A4 H4.


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