Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from RedEyeCat!

A little something for the winter holiday season. While I’m not big on pushing holiday-themed stuff before December — I don’t go anywhere near a mall between late November and mid-January — hobby-based projects are an exception. We creative geniuses need time to create! 🙂 And so, a few freebie-centric holiday listings and several little gifts from REC.

There are great non-freebie holiday products too, just less of them. Some of my favorites include Predatron’s Gingerbread Man — I love that “broken cookie” morph — Jack Tomalin’s Holiday Nook, and AS3Design’s Metal Cone Tree (it even comes with DS mats!) I also bought Postapo’s creative Steampunk Christmas Tree, but due to Renderosity’s clearance policy (of which I am not a fan) it’s no longer available.

Anyway, I hope visitors to the blog will find the lists and little gifts useful, and have fun creating this year’s festive scenes.

There are also a few older holiday-themed posts at REC: Jingle Hat Xtras, Patchy textures for the Jingle Dress, Holiday Styles for Faeriedream’s Sandals and Bubblegumz Clogs, the oldie oldie Festive Shaders for DS1.8 and up, and a few texture resources.

Credits: Samedi Candy Cane is hanging around the Season’s Greetings set, with a background from Bez and Antje’s 2012 Christmas freebie ABC Snowtime, a snow overlay from MixClipart, and a bit of Magic Dust.


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