Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Holiday Toons 01

Holiday-themed lists are kinda fun! As with the Halloween lists, I’m only including figures, props, and add-ons that I already have installed — and which are also mostly DS-friendly.

Posable and/or Morphable Figures

xmas-!gbreadman-01 xmas-!gbreadman-02 xmas-!bad-ginger xmas-!pizz-pot xmas-!snowy xmas-!xmas-moon xmas-!dmc-ragdoll xmas-!santa-elf-doll xmas-!christmas-critter xmas-!ornamental xmas-figure-lumpocoal xmas-gruggle-monk xmas-pos-pizz-expressions xmas-pos-pizzpot-poses xmas-pr-gruggle-scarf xmas-tx-gruggle-scarf-xmas

Gingerbread Man #01 || Gingerbread Man #02 || Bad Ginger || PizzPot (also here) || Snowy || Xmas Moon || Ragdoll || Santa’s Elf || Christmas Critter || Orna-mEnTaL || Lump o’ Coal || Gruggle Monk || PizzPot Expressions (Toon Characters, Page 2) || PizzPot Poses || Gruggle Monk Scarf || Textures for Gruggle’s scarf

Note: Gruggle Monk isn’t particularly holiday-themed, but it has a winter scarf. Good enuf. (Edited to add Lump o’ Coal; I somehow left him off!) Edited to add that it’s doubtful the freebies from the old DAZ forums are coming back.

Characters, Clothing, and Clothing Textures

xmas-cr-decoco-frost xmas-cr-samedi-ginger xmas-tx-decoco-2ndskin xmas-tx-decoco-alice-xmas xmas-cl-momi-santasuit xmas-cl-pippin-rabbit-suit xmas-tx-pippin-rabsuit-reindeer xmas-cl-pippin-coat-hat xmas-cl-samedi-santa xmas-hw-samedi-hat-scarf xmas-tx-dcm-ragdoll-xmas xmas-tx-toonkitty-xmas

Frost for Decoco || Gingerbread for Samedi || 2nd Skin for Decoco || Christmas texture (Decoco, Page 3) for Decoco’s Alice Set (bottom of page) || Santa Suit for MomiMomi || Rabbit Suit (or here) for Pippin (Pippin, Page 1) || Reindeer texture from Halloween for Pippin (Pippin, Page 5) || Winter Coat & Hat for Pippin (the scarf is on the same page) || Santa for Samedi || Hat and Scarf for Samedi || Christmas texture for the DMC Ragdoll || Christmas textures for the Toon Kitty and Toon Kitty Shirt (also here)

Props and Scenes, Exterior

xmas-pr-toon-driedl xmas-pr-snowy-landscape xmas-pr-toon-winter-wonderland xmas-pr-cranktrees1 xmas-pr-cranktrees2 xmas-pr-candy-tree xmas-pr-curious-trees2 xmas-pr-modern-trees xmas-pr-deco-props xmas-pr-modern-ornaments xmas-pr-curious-accs-snow xmas-pr-holiday-props1 xmas-pr-holiday-props2 xmas-pr-crank-gifts xmas-pr-holiday-props3 xmas-pr-holiday-props4 xmas-pr-snowman1 xmas-pr-snowman2 xmas-!toon-penguin xmas-pr-toon-penguin-props xmas-pr-snow-crystals-snow-ball xmas-pr-toon-candle xmas-pr-display-ornament xmas-pr-repo-rocket-sled xmas-pr-mecha-sled xmas-pr-sled xmas-tx-car-snow

Toon Dreidel (Props, Page 2) || Winter Landscape from A Curious Christmas Village (ACCV) || Toon Winter Wonderland || Cranksville Trees 01 || Cranksville Trees 02 || Candy Tree and Christmas Trees (and Plain Trees too) from ACCV || Modern Christmas Trees || Prop Tree || Modern Ornaments || Accessories/Snowy from ACCV || Divabug Toon Holiday Props || Christmas Toon Bundle || Cranksville Gift Boxes || Snowman and Props || Fence and Snowman || Toon Snowman || Snowman 2012 || Toon Penguin || Toon Penguin Props || Snow Crystals and Snowball || Toon Candle || Display Ornament || Repo Rocket Sled || Mecha Sled || Little Sled || Snowy Car texture from ACCV

Note:  The second set of Cranksville trees use Poser procedural shaders, so DS users will need to adjust for that. Also, the fence from the Fence and Snowman set is a little tricky. The snow is a separate prop and the scaling doesn’t match. It’s easy enough to adjust the scaling and fiddle with the X/Y/Z translation dials to get the snow to fit the fence, but just wanted to give a heads-up.

Props and Scenes, Interior

xmas-pr-toon-cozy-nook xmas-pr-sweet-dreams xmas-pr-kiddy-couch xmas-pr-mf-chair xmas-pr-toon-rocker xmas-pr-pippin-dining-set xmas-pr-pippin-tableware xmas-pr-toon-cupcakes

Cozy Nook || Sweet Dreams (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Kiddie Couch (or here) || MF Chair || Toon Rocking Chair || Pippin Dining Set (or here) || Pippin Tableware (or here) || Toon Cupcakes

Note: The Cozy Nook mats didn’t work in DS, even after converting them to pz2 format. Can’t remember exactly, but I think the majority were procedural. Also, for anyone new to this hobby, KCTC, Faeriewylde and RDNA (see here and here as well) have lots of fantastic holiday freebies. So…happy hunting! 😀

Next up: freebies for commercial products (Sadie/Sam, Cookie/Chip, Toon Baby, House Mouse, and a few of Nursoda’s figures.)


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