Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Holiday Toons 01

Holiday-themed lists are kinda fun! As with the Halloween lists, I’m only including figures, props, and add-ons that I already have installed — and which are also mostly DS-friendly.

Posable and/or Morphable Figures

xmas-!gbreadman-01 xmas-!gbreadman-02 xmas-!bad-ginger xmas-!pizz-pot xmas-!snowy xmas-!xmas-moon xmas-!dmc-ragdoll xmas-!santa-elf-doll xmas-!christmas-critter xmas-!ornamental xmas-figure-lumpocoal xmas-gruggle-monk xmas-pos-pizz-expressions xmas-pos-pizzpot-poses xmas-pr-gruggle-scarf xmas-tx-gruggle-scarf-xmas

Gingerbread Man #01 || Gingerbread Man #02 || Bad Ginger || PizzPot || Snowy || Xmas Moon || Ragdoll || Santa’s Elf || Christmas Critter || Orna-mEnTaL || Lump o’ Coal || Gruggle Monk || PizzPot Expressions (Toon Characters, Page 2) || PizzPot Poses || Gruggle Monk Scarf || Textures for Gruggle’s scarf

Note: Gruggle Monk isn’t particularly holiday-themed, but it has a winter scarf. Good enuf. (Edited to add Lump o’ Coal; I somehow left him off!) Edited to add that it’s doubtful the freebies from the old DAZ forums are coming back.

Characters, Clothing, and Clothing Textures

xmas-cr-decoco-frost xmas-cr-samedi-ginger xmas-tx-decoco-2ndskin xmas-tx-decoco-alice-xmas xmas-cl-momi-santasuit xmas-cl-pippin-rabbit-suit xmas-tx-pippin-rabsuit-reindeer xmas-cl-pippin-coat-hat xmas-cl-samedi-santa xmas-hw-samedi-hat-scarf xmas-tx-dcm-ragdoll-xmas xmas-tx-toonkitty-xmas

Frost for Decoco || Gingerbread for Samedi || 2nd Skin for Decoco || Christmas texture (Decoco, Page 3) for Decoco’s Alice Set (bottom of page) || Santa Suit for MomiMomi || Rabbit Suit (or here) for Pippin (Pippin, Page 1) || Reindeer texture from Halloween for Pippin (Pippin, Page 5) || Winter Coat & Hat for Pippin (the scarf is on the same page) || Santa for Samedi || Hat and Scarf for Samedi || Christmas texture for the DMC Ragdoll || Christmas textures for the Toon Kitty and Toon Kitty Shirt (also here)

Props and Scenes, Exterior

xmas-pr-toon-driedl xmas-pr-snowy-landscape xmas-pr-toon-winter-wonderland xmas-pr-cranktrees1 xmas-pr-cranktrees2 xmas-pr-candy-tree xmas-pr-curious-trees2 xmas-pr-modern-trees xmas-pr-deco-props xmas-pr-modern-ornaments xmas-pr-curious-accs-snow xmas-pr-holiday-props1 xmas-pr-holiday-props2 xmas-pr-crank-gifts xmas-pr-holiday-props3 xmas-pr-holiday-props4 xmas-pr-snowman1 xmas-pr-snowman2 xmas-!toon-penguin xmas-pr-toon-penguin-props xmas-pr-snow-crystals-snow-ball xmas-pr-toon-candle xmas-pr-display-ornament xmas-pr-repo-rocket-sled xmas-pr-mecha-sled xmas-pr-sled xmas-tx-car-snow

Toon Dreidel (Props, Page 2) || Winter Landscape from A Curious Christmas Village (ACCV) || Toon Winter Wonderland || Cranksville Trees 01 || Cranksville Trees 02 || Candy Tree and Christmas Trees (and Plain Trees too) from ACCV || Modern Christmas Trees || Prop Tree || Modern Ornaments || Accessories/Snowy from ACCV || Divabug Toon Holiday Props || Christmas Toon Bundle || Cranksville Gift Boxes || Snowman and Props || Fence and Snowman || Toon Snowman || Snowman 2012 || Toon Penguin || Toon Penguin Props || Snow Crystals and Snowball || Toon Candle || Display Ornament || Repo Rocket Sled || Mecha Sled || Little Sled || Snowy Car texture from ACCV

NoteThe second set of Cranksville trees use Poser procedural shaders, so DS users will need to adjust for that. Also, the fence from the Fence and Snowman set is a little tricky. The snow is a separate prop and the scaling doesn’t match. It’s easy enough to adjust the scaling and fiddle with the X/Y/Z translation dials to get the snow to fit the fence, but just wanted to give a heads-up.

Props and Scenes, Interior

xmas-pr-toon-cozy-nook xmas-pr-sweet-dreams xmas-pr-kiddy-couch xmas-pr-mf-chair xmas-pr-toon-rocker xmas-pr-pippin-dining-set xmas-pr-pippin-tableware xmas-pr-toon-cupcakes

Cozy Nook || Sweet Dreams (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Kiddie Couch (or here) || MF Chair || Toon Rocking Chair || Pippin Dining Set (or here) || Pippin Tableware (or here) || Toon Cupcakes

Next up: freebies for commercial products (Sadie/Sam, Cookie/Chip, Toon Baby, House Mouse, and a few of Nursoda’s figures.)

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