Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Holiday Toons 02

More toony holiday goodness, this time freebie extras for commercial characters. (Only for characters I’ve purchased, obviously, so it’s not a comprehensive list.)

Character Textures

xmas-cr-cookie-ragdoll xmas-cr-cookie-winterqueen xmas-cr-cookie-xmas-trio xmas-tx-sadie-sum-dress-xmas xmas-cr-sadie-frost xmas-cr-sam-frost xmas-cr-tbaby-frost xmas-cr-bong-fun

Cookie Ragdoll || Cookie Winter || Cookie Xmas Trio || Christmas Sadie  (comes with a dress texture) || Sadie Frost (Sadie & Sam, Page 5) || Sam Frost (Sadie & Sam, Page 4) || Toon Baby Frost (Toon Baby, Page 5) || Bong Fun (also works on Bonga)

Clothing/Clothing Textures, for Littlefox and Redspark’s Cookie and Chip

xmas-cl-chip-toy-soldier xmas-cl-chip-tuxedo xmas-cl-cookie-chip-dressedup xmas-cl-cookie-chip-santas xmas-cl-cookie-coat xmas-cl-cookie-fairydress xmas-cl-cookie-princess xmas-cl-cookie-santadress-boots xmas-sh-cookie-bootzzz xmas-sh-cookie-dwarf-shoes xmas-tx-cookie-princess-xmas

Chip Toy Soldier || Chip Tuxedo || Cookie & Chip, Dressed for Christmas || Cookie & Chip, Santa & Mrs Claus (Cookie & Chip, Page 10) || Cookie Coat & Hat || Cookie Fairy Outfit || Cookie Princess Dress || Cookie Santa Dress & Boots || Cookie BootZZZ || Cookie Dwarf Shoes || Christmas textures for Cookie Princess Dress

Clothing/Clothing Textures, for 3DU’s Sadie/Sam, Toon Baby, Gramps, and Santa Claus

xmas-cl-sadie-sam-ski xmas-cl-sam-everyday xmas-tx-sadie-fant-xmas xmas-tx-sadie-sam-xmas  xmas-tx-sam-cpak1-xmas-pjs xmas-tx-tbaby-dainty-xmas xmas-hw-gramps-nightcap xmas-tx-3du-santa-all-occ

Sadie & Sam Ski Set || Everyday Sam || Christmas textures for SilverElf’s Sadie-Fae Fantasy outfit (DAZ) and a few other freebies, which are listed at the download site || Christmas textures for Sadie and Sam (Sadie & Sam, Page 7; School Girl Sadie is available here) || Christmas pajama texture for Sam’s Clothing Pack 1 (Sadie & Sam, Page 5) || Christmas texture for Toon Baby’s Dainty Dress (Toon Baby, Page 9) || Nightcap for Gramps || Christmas textures for the Santa outfit

Clothing/Clothing Textures, for Nursoda’s Hein, Loik, Vila, Yweeb, and Zlata

xmas-cl-hein-santa1 xmas-cl-hein-santa2 xmas-cl-loik-elfsuit xmas-cl-vila-mrsclaus xmas-cl-vila-vict-party-dress xmas-hw-vila-mrsclaus-hat xmas-hw-yweeb-santahat xmas-sh-hein-slippers xmas-tx-hein-sleepy xmas-tx-zlata-xmas

Hein Santa 01 || Hein Santa 02 || Loik Elf || Vila Mrs. Claus || Vila Party Dress || Vila Mrs. Claus Bonnets, with Gnomie Buns hair fit || Yweeb Santa Hat || Hein Slippers || Christmas-ish textures for Sleepy Hein || Christmas texture for Zlata, from Textures for Zlata

Clothing/Clothing Textures, for DAZ’s House Mouse and Evo Girl

xmas-cl-hm-elfsuit xmas-cl-hm-santasuit xmas-tx-hm-2ndskins-pjs xmas-tx-evo-striped-dress

Elf Suit for House Mouse || Santa Suit for House Mouse || 2nd Skin Pajamas for House Mouse || Striped Fashion for Evo Party Dress

Misc Props and Poses

xmas-pr-cookie-toon-shop xmas-pr-cookie-dummy xmas-pr-cookie-winter-fun xmas-pr-hm-house-suit xmas-pr-town-house-mouse xmas-pos-3du-santa-expressions xmas-pos-3du-santa-poses

Cookie ToonWorld Shop || Cookie Dress Dummy || Cookie Winter Fun || Mousecapades for House Mouse is now here; click on “Faerie Dreams” (includes cheese house and the red pajamas) || Mouse Town House (Downloads Page 3) || 3DU Santa Expressions || 3DU Santa Poses

Note: The Thumb Drop’s Christmas set and props can be adapted for use with the House Mouse, and the Santa Hein and Family set has some really cute steampunk extras for Hein.

Next up: non-toony stuff!

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