Holiday Freebie: Holiday Seamless Fabric Tiles

The Red and Green Collection, all knits except for the last three


Winter Knits (but includes non-knits as well…I fail at titles)


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal projects.

Info: All made in Filter Forge. The tiles are either 600×600 or 1024×1024 and in PNG format. Both zip files include matching bump map images for those going the texture template route. If doing on-the-fly retexturng in DS, start with the tiling ratio set to 6 for both horizontal and vertical, and then adjust up or down as needed. The velvet tiles are called velvet because that’s what the FF preset was named, but they kind of look more like velour to me. šŸ˜›

The promo images show the tiles at full size. A few examples inside…

Red Knit, Red Stripe Knit, Red Velvet – Bambini Girls
Red Stripe Heather Knit – Singles Shirt B
Green Stripe Heather Knit – Knit Cap V4
Red Ribbed Knit – Knit Cap V4
Red Stripe Heather KnitĀ  with Plushies Shader – K4 Winter Fun
Red/Green Knit, Green/Red Velvet with Plushies Shader – Dishabille Room Wear
Red Stripe Knit – V4 Lug Sole Boots
White Knit, Red/Green Stripe, Red Velvet with Festive Shader – Stuffed Bunny


Lil’ MartianĀ (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”)

Multi with Festive Shader – Kenzi V4 and Super Hoodie V4
Snowflake Knit – Knit Cap V4

Credits: The Christmas background tile is here. Also used these hair tiles.

Also, the link to the Knit Cap V4 goes to a site with adult content. Just FYI and all that.

Example renders were all done with tiling in DAZ Studio, so no bump maps utilized.

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