Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Holidays 02

And now the makings for festive scenes in which to place your festive people…

Environments, Outdoor

xmas-pr-morphing-snow-pile xmas-pr-north-pole-snow xmas-pr--winter-wonderlandxmas-pr-igloo+snow xmas-pr-morphing-sand-props xmas-pr-aurora-borealis xmas-pr-icicles xmas-pr-winter-pine xmas-pr-pinecones xmas-pr-flinks-snowman xmas-pr-snowballs xmas-pr-snow-crystals-snow-ball xmas-pr-snow-shovel xmas-pr-snowy-logs xmas-pr-snow-scene xmas-pr-little-xmas-houses

Morphing Snow Pile || North Pole (includes terrain and snow) || Winter Wonder Land (also comes with a sled) || Igloo (comes with a snowy ground and snowbank) || Morphing Sand Prop (retexture it) || Aurora Borealis || Icicles || Winter Pines || Pine Cones || Flink’s Snowman || Moving Snowball || Snow Crystal and Snowball || Snow Shovel (with M4 poses) || Snowy Logs || Christmas Scene || Little Christmas Houses

Note: The volumetric snow from the North Pole set doesn’t work in DS, but it has a nice, large landscape prop. The body of Flink’s Snowman isn’t uv-mapped, so DS users will need to adjust for that. There is also a pine cone prop in the DNA Garland set under Trees, Lights, Ornaments etc. The little houses are toonish, so they could also be an outdoor toon scene or an inside table decoration.

Environments, Indoor

xmas-pr-floors-n-walls xmas-pr-festive-fireplace xmas-pr-chesterfieldchair xmas-pr-old-chair xmas-pr-seans-lounger xmas-pr-morphing-quilt xmas-tx-quilt1 xmas-tx-quilt2

Floors-n-Walls || Festive Fireplace || Chesterfield Chair || Old Chair || Sean’s Lounger || Morphing Quilt || Christmas Quilt texture || Christmas Quilts texture

Note: Cozy fireplace needs a cozy chair. The Chesterfield chair uses Poser procedural shaders; DS users will need to retexture it (this one is uv-mapped, so it’ll take diffuse image textures.)

Shopping and Build-Your-Own-Store Props

xmas-pr-citystreet xmas-pr-bakery xmas-pr-shopping-mall xmas-pr-shop-front xmas-pr-victorian-watch-shop xmas-pr-store-int xmas-pr-cash-register1 xmas-pr-cash-register2 xmas-pr-creditcard xmas-pr-garment-rack xmas-pr-display-stand xmas-pr-glasses-display-rackxmas-rp-shelf-gondola xmas-pr-display-case xmas-pr-vict-bell-jar xmas-pr-closet-stuff xmas-props-v4-dress-mannequin xmas-props-wigforms xmas-pr-swing-mirror xmas-pr-display-signs xmas-pr-poster-prop xmas-pr-vict-street-lamp xmas-pr-grafittiwall xmas-pr-walkway xmas-pr-shoppingbag-1 xmas-pr-shoppingbag-2 xmas-pr-shoppingbag-3 xmas-pr-potion xmas-pr-locket+box xmas-pr-ring-in-box xmas-pr-box-chocolates xmas-pr-cake-box

City Streets || The Bakery Shop || Shopping Mall || Shop Front || Victorian Watch Shop || Shop Interior || Cash Register 01 || Cash Register 02 || Credit/Debit Card || Garment Display Rack || Display Stand || Eyeglass Display Rack || Glass Shelf Gondola || Display Case || Victorian Bell Jars || Closet Stuff for DS/Poser || V4 Dress Mannequin (site gone) || Wig/Hat Form || Swing Mirror || Display/Advertising Props || Poster Prop || Antique Street Lamp || Graffiti Wall (has non-graffiti version) || Promenade Walkway || Big Shopping Bag (Props, Page 1) || Store Logos Shopping Bag || Plastic Shopping Bag || Potion Bottle for DS/Poser (or here and here) || Locket Box || Ring Box || Chocolate Box || Cake Box (links to cupcakes on download page)

Note: City Streets is a bit tricky to import and set up, but it’s worth the effort. The mall’s neon signs aren’t in English, but can be hidden. I also included little gifts for purchasing, browsing, or gift-opening. All exterior scenes would look extra festive with a snow shader, like this one for DS users (I have it and love it) or this freebie one for Poser users.

Interior/Exterior Decorations

xmas-pr-menorah xmas-pr-cardsxmas-pr-cutaway-cards  xmas-pr-glass-deer xmas-pr-seasons-greetings xmas-pr-reindeer-props xmas-pr-metal-snowflakes xmas-pr-mistletoe xmas-pr-snowglobe1 xmas-pr-snowglobe2 xmas-pr-nutcracker-1 xmas-tx-nbc-20pgbk

Menorah || Greeting Cards || Cut-Away Christmas Cards || Glass Deer || Seasons Greetings Props (also includes tree ornaments) || Deco Reindeer || Metal Snowflakes || Mistletoe || Snow Globe 01 || Snow Globe 02 || Nutcracker Figure || Night Before Christmas texture for the 20-Page Book

Note: The greeting card set is an old prop with only one Christmas card texture, but it’s easy to add new ones.

Trees, Lights, Ornaments, Gifts, and Stockings

xmas-pr-holiday-set xmas-pr-xmas-tree-2003 xmas-pr-christmas-mourning xmas-pr-epic-tree xmas-pr-gothic-tree xmas-pr-steampunk-tree xmas-pr-pear-tree xmas-pr-garland+ornaments xmas-pr-gothic-ornaments xmas-pr-morphing-ornament xmas-pr-tree-ornaments xmas-pr-tree-topper-star xmas-pr-holiday-lights1 xmas-pr-holiday-lights2 xmas-pr-holiday-lights3 xmas-pr-morphing-tree-skirt xmas-pr-tree-skirtxmas-pr-xmas-gifts xmas-pr-cranks-giftboxes xmas-pr-gothic-gifts-ornaments xmas-pr-gothic-stockings xmas-pr-naughty-xmas xmas-pr-morphing-santa-bag xmas-tx-gothic-xmas

Christmas Set (decorated tree, present, bow) || Decorated Tree || Christmas Mourning Set (decorated tree, presents) || Most Epic Christmas Tree Ever (decorated) || Gothic Xmas Tree || Steampunk Xmas Tree (with candles) || Pear Tree || Garland, Ornaments, and Pine Cones (garland for int/ext use; separate wreath props are located here) || Gothic Xmas Tree Ornaments || Morphing Ornament || Christmas Ornaments || Star Tree Topper || Holiday Lights 01 || Holiday Lights 02 || Morphing Holiday Lights || Morphing Tree Skirt || Tree Skirt || Christmas Gift Boxes || Cranksville Gift Boxes || Gothic Xmas Presents || Gothic Xmas Stockings || Naughty Xmas Kit || Morphing Santa Bag (bag only) || Textures for Gothic Xmas Props

Tableware, Ingestibles, and Misc Food-Themed Props

xmas-pr-mission-dining-room placesetting rturkey xmas-pr-latke xmas-pr-candycane xmas-pr-gbread-baking-set xmas-pr-gbread-house xmas-pr-mama-pooks-rolling-pin xmas-pr-milk-n-cookies xmas-pr-xmas-cookies xmas-pr-pudding-cookies xmas-pr-punchbowl xmas-pr-champagne+flutes xmas-pr-soup-bowl xmas-pr-xmas-dishes xmas-pr-xmas-tin

Mission-Style Dining Room (comes with dishes) || Place Setting || Roast Turkey || Latke || Candy Cane || Gingerbread Baking Set || Gingerbread House (comes with separate candy pieces) || Mama Pook’s Magic Rolling Pin (comes with dough floured version) || Milk and Cookies (comes with the plate) || Christmas Cookies || Christmas Cookies, Plate, and Plum Pudding || Punch Bowl Set || Champagne and Glass || Soup Plate and Soup || Poinsettia Plate and Bowl || Christmas Tin

Note: A reminder that older props often have messed-up file paths for geometries and/or textures that will need to be fixed. Many of the old DAZ PA Christmas freebies are long gone, but here’s a list of what’s still around. Edited to add that any of the freebies on the old archived DAZ forum look to be gone for good.

Toys and Sleds

xmas-dreidel-02 xmas-pr-flex-flyer xmas-pr-matt-flyer-sled xmas-pr-snow-saucer xmas-pr-nami xmas-pr-pookie-bear xmas-pr-stuffed-bunny xmas-pr-rocker-horse xmas-pr-toytrain xmas-pr-toyblisterpack xmas-tx-polar-pookie xmas-tx-xmas-bunny

Dreidel || Flex Flyer || Matt’s Flyer Sled (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Saucer Sled || Nami Bear || Pookie Bear || Stuffed Bunny || Rocking Horse || Toy Train || Toy Blister Pack props || Polar Pookie for Pookie Bear || Xmas Styles for Stuffed Bunny

Note: DS users might also want to check out this Plastic Army Men shader to make little toy armies.

Fantasy (for those wintery women and pointy-eared people)

xmas-pr-ice-throne xmas-pr-snowflakes xmas-pr-snowflake-stave xmas-hw-v4-icecrown xmas-pr-snowflake-jewelry-2 xmas-pr-joes-cave xmas-pr-snowglobe-stage xmas-pr-claypipes xmas-pr-pince-nez-v4m4 xmas-animals-reindeer xmas-tx-milcat-xmas

Ice Throne || Snowflake Backdrop || Snowflake Stave || Ice Crown V4 || Snowflake Jewelry V4 || Joe’s Cave || Snow Globe Stage || Clay Pipes (Downloads Page 3) || Pince Nez V4M4 || Reindeer || Christmas texture for the Mil Cat

Note: Traditional Santa/Saint Nicholas needs a clay pipe and little round glasses. Use an ice seamless tile (see Misc Stuff below) to turn Joe’s Cave into an ice cave. (Ugh; gotta find new clay pipe props now… edited: okay, the one listed here now, under costume props, should do it.)


xmas-ps-snowball-fight-m4 xmas-ps-snowball-fight-v4 xmas-ps-under-the-mistletoe xmas-ps-ps-skaters

Snowball Fight for M4 and V4 || Under the Mistletoe V4M4 || PS Skater Poses

Note: See Environments Exterior for a couple snowball props and Interior/Exterior Decorations for a mistletoe prop.

Misc Stuff

xmas-2d-40-snowtiles-tx xmas-2d-sugar-snow-tx xmas-2d-curious-bg+snow-psd xmas-2d-snow-psds xmas-2d-xmas-snow-bg xmas-2d-ice-palace-bg xmas-2d-blurry-xmas-bg xmas-2d-pd-holiday-tx xmas-2d-snowflakes-bg xmas-2d-winter-knit-tx xmas-2d-holiday-sequins-tx xmas-2d-ibl-tx

40 Ice and Snow Tiles || Sugar Snow Textures/Backgrounds || A Curious Winter Backgrounds, with snow PSDs included || Snow PNG Overlays || Christmas Backgrounds || Realms of Ice Backgrounds || Blurry Christmas Backgrounds || Holiday Poser Materials || Snowflakes textures and elements || Christmas Ribbed Knit textures || Holiday Sequin textures || Christmas IBLs images

Note: Poser-specific material presets don’t work in DS, but seamless tiles do. I’ve never actually tried the IBL set — I’m useless when it comes to lighting from scratch — but thought it looked interesting. Some day I might be inspired to see what I can do with them. And…that’s a wrap for the lists. Hope they’ll be of some use in the making of many holiday renders!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Holidays 02

  1. Michele, thank you for all your great freebies but the link to the morphing quilt doesn’t work (nessrepros), only 2 strange lines appear and that I don’t have permission to go there. Do you have another link?

  2. Sorry to bother you again, but the same problem arises at the dressmaker dummy/hat stands at the same site – nessrepros. I am recalling something that this was mentioned also at a Daz forum some time back that they can’t enter this site and someone gave another link … but to find that thread I would not know where to start looking! 😦

  3. Oh, dear. The links were working when I put them up, and what you couldn’t do before was link to the separate pages, only to the main page. When I go to the main page now it says I don’t have permission to “link” to this site. I wonder if maybe the entire site is now just blocked. I don’t think Ness is active anymore in Poser/DAZ stuff.

    Too bad; it was a nice morphing quilt and the site offered a lot of historical-related items. But freebies come and go, and I guess this site is gone…

    • Michele, thanks for trying … I have put this also up at the Daz Forum yesterday and someone replied that he/she could get the site to open in Internet Explorer and it works but I am using Chrome. I will go and try that out and see if IE will open it as mentioned. If so, I will let you know. I have managed to get to the site with the waybackmachine but it only shows the images without download buttons. If I am not mistaken I have seen hatstands at either renderosity or sharecg but not sure. If I see those, I can share the link here if that is ok? 🙂

  4. Thanks for the info, Laura. I’m using Firefox. Hmmm. I didn’t think to check the waybackmachine, but it’s not always helpful. I’d hoped to find a few Christmas props from Royloo’s old site over there, but no such luck.

    And yes, if you do run across any hat stands, please let me know!

    • Michele, I was thinking of these stands, but it’s more wig stands but can do for hat stands as well. Freebie by DiYanara: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/details.php?item_id=66928

      Also wants to mention that I finally could download from Ness’s site via IE! I have downloaded everything while it lasts, though IE is much slower than Chrome. I have noticed you have taken off those items – could you perhaps email me the textures for quilt you had up as well? If I remember correctly you also had up a Singer style sewing machine in cabinet from this site but I can’t see it at Ness’s site, or am I now mistaken? Hint for Ness: if you open the link via IE it first gives an error message but automatically open site with workable downloads on all pages! 🙂

  5. Yup, V4 hats fit the wig forms just fine:

    And the Ness Repros site is back up. I guess I should’ve waited a few days before deleting links. 😛

    • Thanks for showing this, looks great! All of a sudden when I tried yesterday via Chrome the Ness Repros site works fine on my side too, maybe it was network related problems. I have figured out where I had seen the sewing machine/cabinet, it’s at Rendo by Jean_C’s freestuff. He’s offering the ice cream stand in the Rendo giveaway week 1. 🙂

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