Holiday Freebie: Winter Kids Poses

Winter Kids – K4 Sledding Poses & Expressions – For DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Update: The snow Saucer is no longer available; the poses should work okay with other similar props, though scaling adjustments would be necessary.

Info: A small set of sledding poses and expressions for K4 — small because I’ve never done any poses for the Gen4 figures before — using the free Flex Flyer and Snow Saucer. Poses are based on the default K4, so scaling the figure up or down will require adjustments. Minor adjustments for clothing may also be necessary. If clothing on the kid’s butt or thighs pokes through the sled’s bottom — and hiding it with a camera angle isn’t possible — try nudging down the Y scaling or using clothing morphs to fix it.

Once the sled and K4 are posed, parent both to a null object to make it easier to move them around your scene. (Download DS mats for the sleds here.)

the poses

All poses except the one saucer sled are mirrored. Poses 03 and 04 are meant to be used together. Also included a couple “mishap” poses for both the sleds and K4.

the expressions

Expressions match the poses with the same number — except for No. 6; that one’s a free-range smirk. πŸ˜› These shouldn’t affect any morph dials. I checked to be sure only the base expressions were active, but let me know if there are any problems.



Credits: Winter Fun K4; Cutie Pie Cap; Duke Hair;Β Morphing Snow Pile; North Pole; Ron’s Magical Snow brushes; Snow PNG overlays, To the Sky backgrounds, and a couple stock photos from stock.xchng. Used the Winter Kids textures, which are coming…soon.

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