Holiday Freebie: Dancing Reindeer Collection Dawn

Dancing Reindeer Collection – Dawn – DAZ Studio and Poser

DOWNLOAD: DAZ Studio 4 ** Poser/DAZ Studio 3

Usage: Non-commercial use (the font dingbat I used is for personal use only.)

Info: The DS4 download has duf presets in the My Library setup. The Poser/DS3 download has dsa and pz2 files in the Pose folder. There is a solid white version of the sweater, but I only did the one render because I’m still struggling with DS4 — lighting in particular — and it also takes me longer to set up a scene in DS4 than it does in DS3.

The texture maps are the same for both the V4 and Dawn sweaters, but Dawn’s looks different. I’m not sure if it’s because I was using a Poser cr2 top for the DS4 weight-mapped Dawn, or if this version is just a little different. The sweater also wasn’t too happy about having to fit to smaller breasts, and it did some weird scrunchy stuff. Again, that could be a Poser vs DS thing.

ANYway, Dawn has a holiday sweater to wear to the family get-together. Yay!

Required: EvilInnocence’s free Essentials Sweater for Dawn

Credits: Maraki; Melia Hair; skirt from Miss September DS; Tip Toe Pointy Pumps; store logo shopping bag, and X-Mas Tree and Snowflake Flats.

Next Up: DRC for M4

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