Holiday Freebie: Dancing Reindeer Collection K4

Dancing Reindeer Collection – K4 – DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Non-commercial use (the font dingbat I used is for personal use only.)

Info: She seems fine with her sweater. He’s not so sure about it.

I was trying to use only free sweaters for this series, but I haven’t seen any for K4. I have a feeling that those who regularly use the K4 figure are dedicated souls and will most likely already have L75’s practical Bambini sets.

Required: Turtleneck sweater from Bambini Girls

Credits: Winter Kids textures (with Lexie and Kid 02 dial morphs); Zelene Hair, skirt and socks/shoes from Kenzi Outfit K4; NYC Hair; pants from Bambini Boys; shoes from Winterberry, and holiday gift boxes (can’t find the open present prop; I don’t think it’s available anymore.)

Next Up: DRC for Sadie and Sam


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