Holiday Freebie: Dancing Reindeer Collection Sadie and Sam

Dancing Reindeer Collection – Sadie/Sam – DAZ Studio and Poser

DOWNLOAD: Sadie ** Sam

Usage: Non-commercial use (the font dingbat I used is for personal use only.)

Info: I suspect Sadie and Sam have no problems when it comes to wearing shirts and hoodies with silly reindeer on them. These sets include matching fleece pants textures, and for Sam there are two — one for the shorter pants and one for the sweatpants (I hope trumarcar will make a hoodie version for Sam too!)

Required: Sadie’s Tracksuit and/or Sam’s Easy Wear.

Credits: CDI Mae (also adapted for use with Sam); texture tones for Sadie and Sam (no longer available for purchase); Yvella Hair for Sadie; Sadie’s Sneakers (Sadie & Sam, Page 7); Boy Cut Hair for Sam; shoes from Sam’s Clothing Pack, and the X-Mas Tree and Snowflake Flats.

Next Up: DRC for Yweeb

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