Holiday Wrap-Up

Happy New Year!

I hope visitors to the blog enjoyed the link lists and little gifts. I’m taking off the rest of December and all of January, but will return in February. Before I go diving into the joyous familial madness of the season — and spend January recuperating and weaning myself off Christmas cookies — here’s the dancing reindeer dingbat I used for all those freebie shirts and sweaters. I covered a lot of figures with it, but also skipped a lot. So if I rudely left your favorite figure(s) out in the cold, I’m making amends with a DIY sort of gesture:


(right click/save-as)

The red and white knits I used were from The Red & Green Collection. Again, the font is for personal use only, so no commercial stuff. Other than that restriction, feel free to do whatever you’d like with it.

But wait! The Dancing Reindeer Collection has one last encore for…The Dude.

Dancing Reindeer Collection – The Dude – for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Non-commercial use because the font dingbat is marked for personal use only. (I’m repeating myself, I know, but it’s gotta be done.)

Info: Two holiday textures add-ons for The Dude’s turtleneck — and notice he’s not letting a ridiculous sweater interfere with his sexy, come-hither look. Brave man dude.

Required: GHD-Singles – Dude Turtleneck

Credits: The Dude, Tied Dreads for The Dude, Christmas Tree Candle Holder (click on Gratis Downloads), and North Pole Sign (a freebie from Digital-Lion, but I can’t find a download link.)


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