New K4 Freebie

Sparky over at The Philospher’s Egg has released a great new freebie for K4:

K4 Conforming Overalls

(I noticed it when I was over there buying Lepus M4, which, btw, is awesome!)

Edited to add: The file path for the obj file is incorrect, so you’ll need to either put the K4 Clothes folder inside the Sparky folder or edit out the ‘Sparky’ part of the cr2 file. It was easier for me to do the former, as I have other Sparky products.

50% Off Sale for Topaz Simplify thru 2/28

More info here: Topaz Simplify.

Regularly $39.99 and on sale for $19.99 through February 28, 2014.

I use Topaz Clean a lot and love it, and so I’m definitely buying Simply before the end of the month. Now I’m only waiting for Topaz Remask to go on sale. It looks a lot sharper than the free GML Matting plugin I’m currently using.

Incidentally, before buying any commercial plugins for PS/PSP it’s always a good idea to check out the discount page at Plugs ‘N Pixels.

Freebie Spotlight: Valentine’s Day

Yeah, a little behind with this one. Valentine’s Day isn’t a big holiday for me, and yet I’ve somehow acquired a fair amount of (mostly) traditional hearts-n-flowers stuff.

Clothing and Accessories:

valday_v4cl-valentine-outfit-props valday_props-heart-purse valday_props-valentine-hangbag valday_eyeware-lolita-glasses valday_jewelry-valentine-heart valday_jewelry-heart-Xmas valday_jewelry-heart-pin-earrings valday_jewelry-Heart-N-Bones valday_jewelry-heart-hoops valday_jewelry-Heart-Bead-Necklace valday_jewelry-claddagh-ring

Valentine V4 2012 (includes lots of props) || Heart Purse || Valentine Handbags || Lolita Glasses V4 || Heart Pendant V4 || Heart Necklace + Earrings V4 ||Heart Earrings + Hair Pin V4 || Heart-N-Bones Necklace V4 || Heart Loops V4 || Heart Bead Necklace V4 || Claddagh Ring V4

Note: The Valentine V4 outfit comes with everything needed for pinup renders; I downloaded it mostly for the  rose bouquet. The Valentine Handbags need to be scaled down for use with figures.

Romantic Poses:

valday_poses-m4v4-valentines valday_poses-m4v4-secrets-3 valday_posesm4v4-secrets-2 valday_poses-m4v4-intimate valday_poses-m4v4-love-in-air valday_poses-m4v4-it-takes-2 valday_poses-m4v4 -overs valday_poses-M3V3-tendresse valday_poses-G3G4-intimate-couples valday_poses-best-friends valday_poses-clingy-couple valday_hands-Love-Is-All-Around

Valentine Poses M4V4 || Secrets 3 Poses M4V4 || Secrets 2 Poses M4V4 || Intimacy Poses M4V4 || Love is in the air Poses M4V4 || It Takes 2 Poses M4V4 || Lovers Poses M4V4 || La Tendressa M3V3 || Intimate Couples Poses A3/H3, A4/H4, M4/V4 || Best Friends V4 || Clingy Couple M4V4 || Love is all around hand pose for V4/V5/V6

Note: Structure and Most Digital Creations have lots of romantic poses, some more on the erotic side. I think MDC also has a few F/F poses; not sure about M/M. Suggestions for same sex couple romantic poses welcome!

Scenes and Scene Props:

valday_scene-soda-shoppe valday_scene-secret-garden valday_furniture-arbor-bench valday_furniture-heart-bed valday_furniture-sweetheart-chair valday_furniture-bag-chair-val valday_furniture-valentine-chair valday_furniture-valentine-sofa

Soda Shoppe (includes room, props, and poses) || Secret Garden || Arbor Bench || Heart Bed ||  Sweetheart Chair and Stool || Valentine’s Day textures for the Bag Chair || Valentine Chair (with poses and heart props) || Valentine Sofa

Note: If you’re looking for a free room, check out Richabri’s versatile Floors-N-Walls.

Flowers & Gift-Giving Props:

valday_props-rose valday_props-morphing-rose valday_props-toon-bouquet valday_props-heart-box valday_props-heart-box-pillow valday_props-Valentine-Boxes valday_food-chocolat-box valday_food-Plaisir-De-Chocolat

Rose || Morphing Rose || Toonish Flower Bouquet || Heart Box || Valentine Heart Box and Pillow || My Cranky Valentine Gift Boxes || Chocolate Box || Plaisir de Chocolat

Note: More gift related props are in this Christmas list, several of which work for Valentine’s Day too.

Heart/Love Props:

valday_figure-bad-valentine valday_props-small-things valday_props-morphing-heart valday_props-heart-arrow valday_props-give-heart valday_props-heart-springz valday_props--broken-stone-heart valday_props-angel-heart valday_props-heart2 valday_props-the-key valday_props-love valday_2d-heart-knits

Bad Valentine || Small Things || Morphing Heart || Heart and Arrow || I Give You My Heart || Heart Springs || Broken Heart Rocks || Angel Heart || Heart 2 || The Key || Love Text Prop || Heart Knit textures

Note: Heart 2 and The Key fit together, as show here.

Contemplating Changes

I’ve been re-evaluating how I do favorite freebies spotlights. The mega-lists of themed holiday freebies were more popular than the single ones I’ve been posting on a weekly basis. Singles are easier for me to do, but the themed ones are probably more useful and interesting.

So instead of weekly freebies, I’ll be posting themed lists instead. Holiday themes are obvious options (though I missed Valentine’s Day), but I can think of quite a few others. Old West. Noir. Medieval/Renaissance. Older people. Mythology. Fairy tales. Japanese freebie creators. Etc etc etc.

Also, while I still want to focus on what I have installed and what is mostly workable in both DAZ Studio and Poser, I’d like to include a way for people to add their own suggestions. It’s not like I can install every freebie that ever existed, and Genesis or other weight-mapped figures shouldn’t be ignored. I’m not boycotting those figures; I sometimes use Genesis and Dawn, just not often because Gen4 continues to suit my needs.

I’m thinking too about what kinds of freebies I can continue to offer. I’m not the world’s greatest texture maker, but there are a few outfits I’d like to play around with, mainly because I’ve never been able to find any texture expansions for them (like Picaro for M4.)

I spend a lot of time making DS mats for stuff with Poser-only settings, freebies and commercial content alike, and I suppose I could be a little more diligent about sharing those mats. 😉

Been considering how I might create pose presets for those large themed sets that don’t have any, like arranging the Plat Club’s Old West series, or RDNA’s older Western buildings, into various town configurations. Ditto for RDNA’s Baker Street/Country Cottage sets and the Plat Club’s GIS series. I don’t know how feasible this would be, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

(( I already did something like this for coflek-gnorg’s four Spaceship Segments sets, though I saved everything as .daz scene files rather than pz2 poses. ))

Maybe more on simple postwork subjects. Again, I’m not brilliant at this, but I know I’m not the only DS/Poser user who looks at renders as just another resource like a stock photo.

ANYway, RedEyeCat Freebies will be going through some changes. Just wanted to explain why.

Suggestions, of course, are always welcome.

REC Gradient Satin Shaders

Gradient Silk Materials, for DS 3 +


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A set of eighteen satiny materials in gradient colors, for DS3/4. I rediscovered some really old gradients I’d made for Paint Shop Pro 7 and somehow ended up with these. Probably not too practical, but kinda fun for the right project. The materials affect diffuse, specular, ambient, reflection, and lighting model, and won’t change bump, displacement, or opacity settings.

They work best on large clothing/prop objects with few or simple material zones, and with a specular light. Also, depending on how the object is mapped, some results will look better than others. Here are a few more examples to show what I mean:

Aine and Squee (maybe a bit too well camouflaged, ha!)

Credits: Preview ImageBus Stop Vignette; London V4; Hr-082, and Veranil V4. ValentineBallgown V4; Minerva Hair; Ethnique Kerry-Ann; jewelry from Hadara Hair; freebie Heart Purse, and Old Fashioned Washstand backdrop with a distressed wood texture from the CoffeeShop. Aine & Squee – My Aine dial morph wearing Piper V4; Fawn Hair; Warrior Princess Grown, accessories from Thistledown; Squee the Little Fae Dragon; Light & Magic 3, and The Enchanted Forest.

Larger previews on the Warrior Princess Gown inside…

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