Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Moustached


Creator: outoftouch

Download: December 2013 Renderosity Newsletter

A Favorite Because: I’m having way too much fun with these…

What I Did With It:

Snarky Balderdash (should be pronounced in a simply awful British accent)

Credits: M4 Bodysuit, Hr-003-R2 (no longer available for purchase), and Gen4 Toon Tones. Snarky Balderdash, cartoon villain extraordinaire, is my own dial morph, created with M4 Morphs++ and H4.

(If anyone is interested in downloading the Snarky morph, please let me know; I’m never sure if people find these kind of morphs useful or not.)

Also, not sure how active the blog will be this month. I have a pinched nerve, due to shoveling snow the first week in January, and I continue to have trouble with things like sitting and lying down. Working on the computer for any length of time is still quite uncomfortable. Blah. 😦

Pretty much all I’ve managed to do this last month is read books and watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu-Plus.


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