Snarky Balderdash M4

Snarky Balderdash, in your starship and stealing your stuff
(For DAZ Studio and Poser)


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A dial morph cartoon villain character for Michael 4. Dial morph only; no textures. (And now I’m thinking he needs a villainous female sidekick too…a la Natasha Fatale.)

Required: Michael 4’s Morphs ++ and Hiro4.

Detail preview inside…

Villainous Ingredients: Saturnine brows? Check. Long pointy nose? Check. Butt chin? Check.

Credits: M4 Bodysuit, Hr-003-R2 (no longer available for purchase), Moustached, Gen4 Toon Tones, Thought and Speech Bubbles Pack, Marquis Cape, 3067 Backgrounds, Circle of Light, and Film Light Leaks.


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